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Remembering ANJAAN on his 86th Birth Anniversary

Remember the song Khaike Paan Banaraswala and Rote Hue Aate Hain Sab and many more such songs were written by Anjaan.His real name was Lalji Pandey .He was born on  October 28, 1930 and was a native of Varanasi. 

He debuted in 1953 in the movie "Prisoner Of Golconda" with the songs "Lehar Yeh Dole Koyal Bole" and "Shaheedon Amar Hai Tumhari Kahani".He was first noticed for his work with the Raaj Kumar film Godaan, based on the Premchand classic, with music by Ravi Shankar. This film got him a few good assignments in the mid - 60’s with big composers like O. P. Nayyar ("Aap Ke Haseen Rukh") in Guru Dutt’s Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi and G. P. Sippy's Bandhan, which established him commercially with "Bina Badraa Ke Bijuriya Kaise Barse". This also saw the forging with fellow lyricist Indeevar and composers Kalyanji-Anandji.
In the 60’s, Anjaan also wrote several non - films albums composed by Shyam Sagar and sung by Mohammad RafiManna Dey and Suman Kalyanpur. Rafi’s song "Main Kab Gaata" was a big hit then. 
 He emerged as a very prolific writer who amalgamated a lot of his commercial songs with lyricism and poetry. He was at his best in the Amitabh Bachchan films of Kalyanji Anandji, beginning with Do Anjaane ("Luk Chhip Luk Chhip Jao Na") in 1976.
Followed Hera Pheri ("Barson Purana Yeh Yaarana"), Khoon Pasina ("Title Song" and "Bani Rahe Jodi Raja Rani Ki"), Muqaddar Ka Sikandar ("Rote Hue Aate Hain Sab", "O Saathi Re", "Pyar Zindagi Hai", "Dil To Hai Dil"), Don with his biggest hit of the career "Khaike Paan Banaras Wala", ("Ee Hai Bambai Nagariya", "Jiska Mujhe Tha Intezaar"), Lawaaris ("Jiska Koi Nahin", "Kab Ke Bichhde")
Being a native of varanasi he had great love and attachment to Ganga.There were lot of songs written by him on Ganga such as "Maano To Main Ganga Maa Hoon Maano To Behta Paani" and "Ganga Mein Dooba" fromApneRang Hazar.
His health suffered a major setback in the early 90’s, though he delivered hits with Zindagi Ek JuaaDalaalGhayal and the 1990 chartbuster "Gori Hain Kalaiyan" (Aaj Ka Arjun) and his last hit Shola Aur Shabnam (1992). His other films in the 90’s included Vishnu Devaa, Parakrami, Insaniyat, Police Aur Mujrim, First Love Letter, Aandhiyaan, Phool Bane Angaarey and others.A few months before his death on 13 September 1997, his only book of poems, Ganga Tath Ka Banjara (A Gypsy from the Shores of the Ganges) was released at the hands of Amitabh Bachchan. His son Sameer is also a very successful Lyricist.

Notable songs of Anjaan

Aap Ke Haseen Rukh from  Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi

Mat Poonch Mera Hai Mera Kaun Watan from Mr India 1961

Bina Badraa Ke Bijuriya Kaise Barse from Bandhan 1967

Aap Ki Inaayat Aap Ke Karam from Vandana 1975

Rote Hue Aate Hain Sab from Muqaddar Ka Sikandar 1978

Khaike Paan Banaras Wala from Don 1978

Log Kehte Hain Maein Sharaabi Hoon from Sharaabi 1984

Gori Hain Kalaiyan from Aaj Ka Arjun 1990

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Remembering PRADEEP KUMAR on his Death Anniversary

Born to orthodox brahmin parents on  4th January 1925 in West Bengal, Pradeep bided his time till he was 17 years old before he announced his decision to pursue an acting career. Despite his father's disapproval, Pradeep began acting on stage.He made his debut from  a Bengali film, Alaknanda (1947).
 Pradeep Kumr moved to Mumbai and found a job in the bustling Filmistan Studio. He brushed up on his Hindi and learnt Urdu in a bid to make an impression in his first Hindi film, Anand Math(1952). 

His career escalated to the top with two hugely successful musical hits -- the Bina Rai-starrer Anarkali (1953) and the Vyjayanthimala-starrer Nagin (1954).
Pradeep Kumar's regal demeanour won him legions of fans. He went on a signing spree (in 1956, he had 10 releases) and inked deals with V Shantaram (Subah Ka Tara) and Raj Kapoor (Jagte Raho).

He worked with all the heroines of that Era like  Nimmi (Jayshree), Nargis (Adalat), Nutan (Heer), Meena Kumari (Bandhan) but his pairing with Bina rai  seemed to have stilled the wings of time. This teaming salvaged Pradeep's career from the late-1950s dip, first with Ghunghat (1960) and more decisively with Taj Mahal (1963). Even a decade afterAnarkali, Pradeep could evoke a regal aura while playing love-struck Mughal royalty. Roshan's dulcet duet, Paon chhu lene do toh and Jo vaada kiya from Taj Mahal, like an unforgettable promise, continue to haunt radio listeners even today.
In 1962 his film Aarti with Meena Kumari was a super hit. Aarti's success ensured that Pradeep and Meena worked unceasingly in a series of films. Pradeep once said, "Meena and I made a fine pair and worked very well together, but her husband did not like our friendship."
Two of them worked together in some of the memorable films, Chitralekha (1964),Bheegi Raat(1965),Bahu Begum(1966) and Noorjehan(1967).
In 1969, Pradeep saw a glimpse of success once again withSambandh, albeit in a character role. 
He lived a life removed from the spotlight for the next 18 years and died a quiet death on October 27, 2001, at the age of 76.

Pradeep Kumar's famous songs
Zindagi pyar ki do char from Anarkali

Tere dwar khada ek jogi from Naagin 1954

Yeh vaada karo chaand from Raajhath

Zameen se hume aasman from Adaalat 1958

Yeh kissne geet chheda from Meri Surat Teri Aankhen

Ab kya misaal doon from Aarti 1965

Jo vaada kiya from Tajmahal 1963

Dil jo na keh saka from Bheegi Raat 1965

Jis dil mein basa tha from Saheli 1965

Hum intezaar karenge from Bahu Begum 1967

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Remembering Sahir Ludhianvi on his 36th Death Anniversary

Sahir, like his name, was a "magician" of words. He painted fascinating images in songs and ghazals, Spellbinding his listeners and readers for decades. For about thirty years, he remained associated with the Hindi film industry. He composed hundreds of songs for Hindi/Urdu films. Most of his songs became hugely popular and are even today sung and hummed by people of all generations. 
Sahir Ludhianvi was born on March 8th, 1921 in Karimpura locality in Ludhiana, Punjab. His real name was Abdul Hayee (alternate spellings Haie or Hayi).  He was born in a wealthy family of zamindars. 
Sahir made his debut as a lyricist with the film "Azadi Ki Raah Par" in 1948. The film had four songs written by him. His first song was "badal rahii hai zindagii". However, it was the year 1951 that would bring him fame and recognition. Two films, released in 1951, had songs that sky-rocketed in popularity and are hummed even today. First was "Thandi hawaayen lehraa ke aayen" from Naujawan. The second was a landmark film, marking the directorial debut of Guru Dutt - Baazi. Both films, coincidentally, had music by S. D. Burman.
 After Baazi Sahir was then considered part of Guru Dutt's team
S.D. Burman and Sahir Ludhianvi went on to compose music for 18 movies,Some of the well-known films are characteristic of Burman-Ludhianvi team: Devdas, Jeevan Jyoti, Jaal, Society, Armaan and Taxi Driver.
The last film Sahir made with Burman was Pyaasa. In PyaasaGuru Dutt played a poet named Vijay. After Pyaasa, Sahir and Burman went separate ways due to artistic and contractual differences.
Sahir did work with other composers including RaviRoshanKhayyam and Datta Naik. Naik, a Goan, admired Sahir's poetry and their collaboration produced the score forMilaap (1955). Sahir also worked with music director Laxmikant-Pyarelal in the films like "Man Ki Aankhe", "Izzat", "Dustan" and Yash Chopra's "Daag" all have fabulous songs. From about 1950 until his death, Sahir collaborated with Baldev Raj Chopra (1914 - 2008), a film producer and director. Sahir's last work for Chopra was for Insaaf Ka Tarazu.Yash Chopra, an independent director and producer, also engaged Sahir.

Sahir ludhianvi has written about 700 songs for 30 music composers in his 32 years career as lyrics writer ( 1921 to 1980 )
Sahir won a Filmfare Award for Best Lyricist for Taj Mahal (1963). He won a second Filmfare Award for Best Lyricist for his work on Kabhie Kabhie (1976) and he was awarded the Padma Shri in 1971

Sahir was considered a *romantic*: personal romance and the resultant disillusionment, followed by universal romance and the resultant frustration with *the way it is*. He never minced the words, did not sublimate emotions. He expressed thoughts clearly and directly.

A bachelor to the end, Sahir Ludhianvi fell in love with writer Amrita Pritam and singer Sudha Malhotra, relationships that never fructified in the conventional sense and left him sad. Ironically, the two ladies' fathers wouldn't accept Sahir, an atheist, because of his perceived religion. 
During the last years of his life, Sahir suffered from alcoholism and underwent a radical personality alteration marked by moodiness and despair. Sahir Ludhianvi passed away at the age of 59 (25 October 1980) from heart attack. A bungalow named Parchaiyaan in Andheri, Mumbai became Sahir’s abode from 1970s till his last days.

Tum Na Jane Kis Jahan Mein Kho Gaye

Song from Sazaa 1951

Thandi hawaayen lehraa ke aayen

Song from Naujawan 1951

 Ye Raat, Ye Chaandani Phir Kahaan, Sun Jaa Dil Ki Dastan

Song from Jaal 1952

Tadbeer Se Bigdi Hui Takdeer

Song from Baazi 1951

 Jayen To Jayen Kahan, Samjhega Kaun Yaha 

Song from Taxi Driver1954

Jaane Vo Kaise Log The Jinake Pyaar Ko Pyaar Milaa

Song from Pyasa 1957

Aurat Ne Janam Diyaa Mardon Ko,

Song from Aurat 1958

Zindagi Bhar Nahin Bhoolegi Who Barsaat Ki

Song from Barsaat Ki Raat1960

 Abhi Na Jaao Chhodkar, Ke Dil Abhi Bhara Nahin

Song from Hum Dono1961

Chalo Ek Bar Phir Se, Ajnabi Ban Jaye Ham Dono
Song from Gumrah1963

Jo Wada Kiya Wo Nibhana Padega
Song from Tajmahal 1963

Mere Dil Mein Aaj Kya Hai

Main Pal Do Pal Kaa Shaayar Hun
Song from Kabhie Kabhie 1976

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Relax & Enjoy your SUNDAY with These BOLLYWOOD SONGS

Sunday,A day to refuel your soul and be greatful for your blessings.Take a deep breath and relax.Enjoy your family,your friends,a cup of coffee with these 7 Bollywood Songs

Part -4    23-10-2016

Khaali Peeli Kahe Ko Akkha Din
 This song is from the film Tamasha 1953,starring Dev Anand and Meena Kumari,Kishore Kumar played the role of Dev anand's friend,he sings this song in Bombay language.The music in this film was given by Manna De.

Patni Mujhe Satati Hai

A song from Pati Patni released in 1966,Mehmood telling a great story here.Music by R D Burman and sung by MannaDe,Mehmood and Surendra

Dhadakne Lagta Hai 
This is a funny song from Dil Tera Diwana ,Shammi Kapoor and Mehmood act in this song Mehmood makes the voice of a dog in this song

Mast Baharon Ka Mein Ashik
This song is Picturised on Jeetendra,from here Jeetendra started wearing White Trousers and White shoes.The tradition of PT songs started from here.The song was hit and the film was super hit,the movie was Farz.1967

Khaike Paan Banaras Wala
ThisSuper Hit song from Don 1978 was sung by KISHORE and picturised on Amitabh Bachchan,Music was given by Kalyanji Anandji.Orignally this song was made for dev anand's Banarsi Babu but Dev saheb rejected it later on Kalyanji Anandji used this in this film.

Yeh Raat Aur Yeh Doori
This Song from Andaz Apna Apna (1994), a super hit comedy movie starring Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Raveena Tandon, Karishma Kapoor, Shakti Kapoor and Paresh Rawal. 
Music: Tushar Bhatia, Director: RajKumar Santoshi 

Cycle Se Chalaang

This song is from the film Saat Uchakkey (2016) starring Anupam Kher, Manoj Bajpayee, Kay Kay Menon, Vijay Raaz, Aditi Sharma, Annu Kapoor, Jatin Sarna, Aparshakti Khurana, Nitin Bhasin, Vipul Vig Sung by Kailash Kher,Music is given by Vivek Kar

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Hindi Cinema in 1953,10 Top Films and 10Top Songs

Indian Cinema in 1953
 -The Cinematograph Act is amended extending the power of various authorities      to suspend exhibition of certified films. 
-Aan becomes the first Technicolor Indian film It was directed by Mehboob Khan. 
-The Film Federation of India accepts an Advertising Code. 
-The Trade Weekly Trade Guide is started. 
-Maiden Filmfare Awards are inaugurated.
-Binaca Geetmala Started.
 -Prabhat Studio ceases production. 

The ten highest-grossing films of 1953

 Directed by Nandlal Jaswantlal and based on the historical legend of the Mughal emperor Jahangir It was the top grossing Hindi film in the year of its release, and one of the biggest Hindi film hits in its decade.Pradeep Kumar was the Hero and Bina Rai was the Heroine.C Ramchandra was its Music Director,infact initially Vasant Prakash began work as music director, but died having recorded just one song with Geeta Dutt. C. Ramchandra took over as composer and insisted not only that all songs be sung by Lata Mangeshkar but that the Geeta number be removed from the film. Although the Filmistan people agreed, the Geeta song stayed in the movie and was the famous "Aa Jaane Wafaa"............
is a 1953 Hindi romantic comedy film written by V.S.Venkatasalam and directed by M. V. Raman. The film starred VyjayanthimalaKishore KumarBharat Bhushan and Anjali Devi in the lead while Chittor V. Nagaiah, Leela Mishra, Om Prakash, Raj Mehra and Master Chhotu as the ensemble cast. The film was produced by A. V. Chettiar of AVM Productions. The film's score was composed by R. Sudarsanam and Dhaniram, edited by K. Shankar and M. V. Raman and was filmed by Yusuf Mulji and T. Muthu Sami. The song Baat Chalat Nai Chunari Rang Dari and Shaadi Shaadi sung by Geeta Dutt and Kishore Kumar respectively becomes the successful song of the film.At the end of its theatrical run, the film grossed around 1,50,00,000, and became the second highest grossing film of 1953 with verdict hit.
Do Bigha Zameen
 Hindi film, directed by Bengali film director Bimal Roy and starring Balraj Sahni and Nirupa Roy in lead roles. The film is known for its socialist theme, and is an important film in the early parallel cinema of India and is considered a trend setter.A bigha is a measure of land area but is not same as an acre, though translating the title as such serves the purpose. it was awarded the All India Certificate of Merit for Best Feature Film, it became the first film to win the Filmfare Best Movie Award and the first Indian film to win the International Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, after Neecha Nagar (1946), which won the Palme d'Or 
Bollywood film starring Ashok Kumar and Meena Kumari, based upon the 1914 Bengali novel of the same name by Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay, which was earlier filmed in Bengali. The film was directed by Bimal Roy. This version of the film is considered by many to be the most faithful adaptation of the novella, particularly due to Meena Kumari's interpretation of the role of Lalita.Ashok Kumar was the Hero of this film.
Written and directed by Zia Sarhadi. The film stars Dilip KumarMeena Kumari and Anwar Hussain. The music of the film is by Timir Baran and Khayyam.Footpath is one of the films featured in Avijit Ghosh's book, 40 Retakes: Bollywood Classics You May Have Missed.Dilip Kumar played the role of Noshu, a newspaperman abandons his scruples and starts to make money as a black marketeer. He gains his fortune but ruins his brother's life causing him to lose his job, his home and his wife whilst simultaneously losing his own self-respect and that of his former neighbours and his girl. Tormented by his conscience, he writes an expose of the illegal trade but cannot prevent his own brother becoming a victim when an epidemic rages unchecked because criminals have stock-piled all the medicine.
Its a comedy thriller film produced and directed by Bhagwan, for his Bhagwan Art Productions.The film was a repeat formula Bhagwan had earlier used in his commercially successful film Albela (1951). With music again composed by C. Ramachandra, and casting actress Geeta Bali, Bhagwan tried to recreate the magic of Albela with little success.It starred Geeta BaliBhagwan, Shakuntala, SunderAnwar Hussain and Badri Prasad.One of the popular song was "Dekho Ji Dekho Mera Dil Le Ke" sung by Lata Mangeshkar. Rajendra Krishan wrote the lyrics for the film. The playback singers were Lata Mangeshkar, C Ramchandra (Chitalkar), Meena Kapoor and Francis Vaz.
 Produced and Directed by Ramesh Sehgal. The film stars Dilip Kumar, Nalini Jaywant, Durga KhoteOm Prakash and K. N. Singh. The films music is by Shankar JaikishanWajahat Mirza wrote the story and Dialogues for this Film.
Its a Dev Anand movie with kalpna Kartik as Heroine,Chetan Anand also appeared in this movie.This was Directed by A. N Banerjee,Music: Ali Akbar Khan Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi.Not much detail of this movie is available.
It is a 1953 black and white Bollywood romantic drama film starring Raj Kapoor and Nargis in lead roles. The film was produced by Raj Kapoor and directed by Raja Nawathe. This was Nawathe's first independent directorial venture. He had previously worked as assistant director to Kapoor in Aag (1948), Barsaat (1949) and Awaara (1951).The film was rated "Below Average" at the box office[ but has various hit songs like "Raja Ki Aayegi Baaraat", "Aaja Re Ab Mera Dil Pukara" and "Jaane Na Nazar". The song "Chhoti Si Yeh Zindagani" sung by Mukesh was also picturised on him. 
 The film starred Dev Anand and Nalini Jaywant with Balraj SahniDavidAchla Sachdev and Manmohan Krishan. The film was based on Mulk Raj Anand's novel "Two Leaves and a Bud" (1937), which was scripted by K A.Abbas,who also Directed it.
The story revolved around an ex-army man played by Dev Anand, who takes up a job in a tea estate, only to get disillusioned with the management, and his situation. Nalini Jaywant played his love interest as a tea leave picker. Her acting was appreciated in the film getting "great critical acclaim"
TOP  SONGS of 1953

Song from Anarkali 1953

Shaam-E-Gham Ki Kasam from Footpath 1953

Song from Footpath 1953

 Aye Gham-E-Dil Kya Karu (By Talat Mahmood) from Thokar 1953

Song from Thokar 1953

Yaad Kiyaa Dil Ne Kahaan Ho Tum 

  from  Patita 1953

Song from Patita 1953

 Zindagi Denewale Sun, Teri Duniya Se Dil Bhar Gaya

Song from  Dil - E - Nadan 1953

Aaja Re, Ab Mera Dil Pukara

from Aah 1953

Song from  Aah 1953

 Dharti Kahe Pukar Ke, Bij Bichha Le Pyar Ke, Mausam Bita Jaay

from Do Bigha Zameen 1953

Song from  Do Bigha Zameen 1953

 Kaare Badaraa Tu Na Jaa Na Jaa Bairi Tu Bides Na Jaa

 from Shikast 1953

Song from Shikast 1953

                                      Muhaabbat Ki Daastaan Aaj Suno
                                       from Mayurpankh 1953

Song from Mayurpankh 1953
Raaja Ki Aayegi Baraat from Aah 1953

Song from Aah 1953

Interesting To Note 

This year 88 hindi films were released.

A movie called Shole was released that year Directed by B R Chopra,Ashok Kumar  and Bina Rai were the main lead.I am posting a song from this film

Song from Shole 1953

A movie called Chacha Chaudhary ,Directed and acted by Raja Pranjpe,This title later on was picked up by a famous Hindi Comic,here I am posting one song from this film

Shammi Kapoor made his debut with JEEVAN JYOTI ,Chand Usmani was his heroine,Directed by Mahesh Kaul

Music Director Salil Chaudhary made his debut with Do Bigha Zameen with all time great Duets by Manna De and Lata Hariyala sawan dhol bajata aya and Mausam beeta jaye, and one of the greatest lullabies by Lata Mangeshkar, Aa ja ri aa nindiya tu aa.

As per Helen made her debut as an independant Dancer in this year from the film Alif Laila

Song from Alif Laila 1953

 This year also had some unusual screen appearances in songs, which are well known to the readers – Shailendra in the song Chali kaun se des gujariya (Boot Polish), and Mukesh in Chhoti si ye zindagani (Aah).

Lyricist Shailendra Acting in this song

Singer Mukesh acting in this song

 Hridaynath Mangeshkar t he younger brother of Lata ji made his debut in a hindi movie Baabla, lyrics Sahir Ludhiyanvi, music SD Burman.If you hear this song without knowing its detail, you would probably guess it is by Geeta Dutt.but its not so this is the voice of Hridyanth Mangeshkar who was probably 15 0r 16 year kid. It is surprising that at this age, his voice should be so thin resembles a female voice.For your interest I am posting this song here.