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Friday, 3 July 2020

Saroj Khan- The Mother of Bollywood Choreography

Saroj Khan (22 November 1948 - July 3, 2020),  started her career as a child artist at the age of three with the film Nazarana as child Shyama. She worked as a background group dancer in many dance songs in the late 50s.
She got her break as an independent choreographer, with Geeta Mera Naam (1974).before that she was assistant to dance director  B. Sohanlal.  Her first breakthrough came with Subhash Ghai's Hero (1983), but it was Sridevi's Nagin dance in Nagina (1986) where she was noticed for her talent, followed up by Mr. India. Next, she worked with Madhuri Dixit in 'Ek Do Teen' number, Tezaab (1989), and later in Khalnayak, where she choreographed the Choli Ke Peeche' number.
Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit were her favs. dancers in Bollywood. Sridevi danced to her steps in Mr. India's Hawa Hawai and Chandini's 'Mere Hathon Mein'.Madhuri Dixit starting with the hit Ek Do Teen in Tezaab (1988), Tamma Tamma Loge in Thanedaar (1990), and Dhak Dhak Karne Laga in Beta (1992). 
With a career span of over forty years, she choreographed more than 2000 songs Many of her choreographed songs have been iconic. Saroj Khan was the recipient of the most National Film Awards for Best Choreography with three wins. She was the first recipient of the filmfare Best Choreography Award. Filmfare instituted this award after watching the excellent choreography and audience response to Khan's song "Ek Do Teen" from Tezaab. Saroj Khan went on to have a hat-trick at the Filmfare awards winning consistently for 3 years from 1989 to 1991. She also holds the record for winning the most Filmfare Best Choreographer Awards, winning 8 times. 
She was admitted to Guru Nanak Hospital at Bandra, Mumbai on June 17, 2020. She was admitted with breathing complaints, and died of cardiac arrest at 1:52 am early on Friday, July 3, 2020.  
Some of her Iconic Choreography
Song of Hero (1983)

Song of Nagina (1986)

Song of Mr India (1987)

Song of Tezaab (1988)

Song of Chandni (1989)

Song of Beta (1992)

Song of Khalnayak (1994)

Song of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam 2000

Song of Devdas  2003

Song of Guru   2008

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Great Songs Picturized on Motilal

Motilal (4 December 1910 – 17 June 1965 ) is credited with being among Hindi cinema's first natural actors. He was offered the hero's role in Shaher Ka Jadoo (1934) .  He is most remembered for his role as "Chunni Babu" in Bimal Roy's Devdas (1955), He produced and directed "Chhoti Chhoti Batein " died before its release in 1965.
He introduced Mukesh to the Hindi Film industry. Mukesh became his voice before Raj Kapoor. The first song he sang for him became an immortal "Dil Jalta Hai To Jalne Do" of Pehli Nazar(1945). In fact, it is said that when K. L. Saigal first heard the song "Dil Jalta Hai...", he remarked, "That's strange, I don't recall singing that song"
Motilal acted in 60 films only, he played all types of roles, also sung few songs. In this blog, I am posting a few songs picturized on him.
Song of Pehli Nazar 1945

Song of Do Dil (1947)

Song of Lekh (1949)

Song of Mastana (1954)

Song of Jagte Raho 1956

Song of Chhoti Chhoti Baten (1965)

Monday, 15 June 2020

Bollywood Needs Film like Suicide Company PvtLtd

Depression is alarmingly rising in the youth and adults in India making it a major cause of concern. Bad relationships, anxiety, and low self-worth; leading to suicide in many cases. In Bollywood, for the last few years, many actors have killed themself by this act. Yesterday Sushant Singh Rajput was found hanging at his Bandra apartment Its high time for Bollywood to stop trivializing suicide & make films to prevent suicides
A short movie titled ‘The Suicide Company Pvt. Ltd,’ is based on an innovative subject to combat and address this concern. This subject, I think is considered taboo. Suicide and depression are rarely the themes of films in Bollywood.
Last year I saw the above-mentioned film. This is a short film of 20 minutes, directed by Indian filmmaker Jehangir Irroni. It is produced by Shaleen V Vaid under the banner of Vistree. Featuring Bollywood stars Jay Bhanushali and actress Swara Bhaskar in the lead roles, the film’s theme is based on “Suicide and Depression” which is written by Pragnya Tripathi, also a Clinical Psychologist by profession like Jehangir Irroni.
This film got an official entry at the prestigious Los Angeles Film Awards.has won awards and nominations internationally and nationally. The film won the Best Film in the Drama category award in Toronto at the "Alternative Film Festival (ALTFF)", Best Screenplay at Indian Film & Television Directors' Association Film awards (IFTDA SHORTIES), and an "Honourable Mention Award" at Asia South East-Short Film festival.

Jay Bhanushali is a journalist in this film, he is in severe depression, his girlfriend leaves him for his best friend. He tries numerous attempts at Suicide which fail. Until one day he finds the solution “THE SUICIDE COMPANY PVT. LTD.” A company that plans and helps people in committing suicide. He hires a Suicide Planner (Swara Bhaskar) from the company to help him die. 
A brilliantly directed film, Bollywood filmmakers should make films on this subject. Sushant Singh Rajput worked last in a film Chichore where he showed that suicide is not a solution, instead, we should fight and live.

Thursday, 11 June 2020

Tarzans of Bollywood

Tarzan is a fictional character created by the fictional writer Edgar Rice Burroughs in the novel "Tarzan of the Apes" published in 1914. The first Tarzan film was a silent film released in 1918, With the advent of talking pictures, a popular Tarzan movie franchise was developed.  Starting with Tarzan the Ape Man in 1932 through twelve films until 1948, the franchise was anchored by former Olympic swimmer Johnny Weissmuller in the title role.
In India, the first Tarzan film was TOOFANI TARZAN  produced by Wadia Brothers in 1937 It starred John Cawas as Tarzan. This film went on to become the studio’s biggest grosser. Wadia also made Tarzan an Indian man and never again was his Indian-ness challenged. He always sang and danced and spoke fluent Hindi before the interval.

The next Tarzan film was Zimbo released in 1958. Homi Wadia now created an Indian Tarzan, it was a remake of Toofani Tarzan This time the role was played by Azad, he made a much better Tarzan than Cawas. Perhaps, the reason behind choosing Azad to play Tarzan was his resemblance to WeissmullerThis film became a hit, Azad did many Tarzan films in the 60s. In fact, many Tarzan films were made in the 60s.
Zimbo was a 1958 Hindi action-adventure film directed by Homi Wadia and produced by Basant Pictures. The film starred Azad, Krishna Kumari, Chitra, Achala Sachdev
Professor Chakravarty and his wife Uma (Achala Sachdev) live with their four-year-old son in the jungle where he carries out experiments. He has discovered the formula to prevent aging. Adversity strikes when their house is attacked by lions, killing him, while his wife goes mad with grief. The professor's son goes missing in the melee. The story then follows the arrival of several people seventeen years later from the city. One of them is the Professor's brother who has traveled to the jungle with his daughter in search of the missing formula and to look for the professor's son. There are villains in the group of people, wanting the formula for their own purposes. Chakravarty's son Zimbo has been brought up by the apes and the story takes a turn when they try to relocate him with Dada (Pedro the Chimpanzee) to the city.
In 1962 Navshakti films came out with the earlier title Toofani Tarzan with Azad playing the Tarzan role. 

The story was different here the Explorers searching for a hidden treasure encounter the titular jungle man (Azad) who refuses to let them pass through his forest. When Tarzan falls in love with Sushma (Shanta Kumari), one of the travelers, the magician Samri, who is also a part of the group, creates a duplicate of the woman in an effort to overpower Tarzan. 
By this time Azad has typecast the Tarzan or Zimbo. He was many offers to play this role in the forthcoming films. The next in line was TARZAN AUR JADUGAR released in 1963.
This film was produced by Nattu and directed by Radhakant The story of this film has another angle of a magician. Magic was a hot subject in the 60s This film had both the interesting subject of that era. In this film, Tarzan is referred to as the king of the beasts, who lives in the forest of fairies, and of an evil sorceress who wants to control it.
Khanna, his wife Kamla, and their little son Tony start out on a sea voyage only to face tragedy when the ship sinks, flinging each of the three onto different parts of massive jungle land.  Khanna becomes a laborer for a contractor in the jungle. Kamla meets a lady magician named Rooplekha, who she grows to love as a daughter. And little Tony is rescued by a fairy from Paristan and placed in the loving hands of the animals of the jungle and grows up to be known as Tarzan (Azad). 

Another Tarzan film released in 1963 was Tarzan Aur Gorilla, directed by Pyarelal for hind Films. The main lead remains the same Azad as Tarzan and Chitra, his love interest but in this film, the highlight was given to  Pedro the Chimpanzee 

In 1964 three Tarzan films were released and in all the three films Azad played the role of Tarzan. Director Radhakant once again comes with Azad as Tarzan in the 1964 film "Tarzan Aur Jalpari "
In this film, Tarzan is saved by a “Jalpari” played by Chitra. In the end, it is Tarzan’s turn to help the Jalpari who has become the victim of a notorious magician. 

The second Tarzan film of 1964 was "Tarzan And Delilah" produced by Heera Sawant, A. Shamsheer, and directed by A Shamsheer with the same star cast, Azad as Tarzan and Chitra as Delilah.
Tarzan is in love with Princess Delilah, a captive of the evil queen Laila, who has her eyes on the beefy jungle hero. Sunanda and Fernades who was thrown from a vessel, land on an island inhabited by Tarzan (Azad). Tarzan and Zippy to free Delilah and the other lasses who are being held against their will behind the “magic door” belonging to Queen Laila.

TARZAN AND CAPTAIN KISHORE was the third Tarzan film of 1964 with similar leading pair. Azad and Chitra.
Three young boys become separated during a shipwreck. One grows up to be a jungle man named Tarzan, another becomes a ship’s captain named Kishore, while the third, William turns into a smuggler. The story is about stealing valuable scientific formulas. 

In 1965 three Tarzan films were released, this time Dara Singh appeared as Tarzan with Mumtaz as his heroine in Tarzan comes to Delhi. This film was produced by Surinder Kapoor, the father of Anil Kapoor and Boney Kapoor. The film was an average in Bollywood but the audience liked Dara Singh as Tarzan.
This film was a remake of TARZAN’S NEW YORK ADVENTURE (1942).  Rekha (Mumtaz), and her professor father go to a jungle with a guide Shekhar played by Sidhu, who steals a priceless necklace off of a tribal idol. The tribesmen blame the theft on the interlopers and threaten the life of the professor until it is returned. With Tarzan’s help, Rekha and her father search for the gem and it takes them from the wilderness to the big city of Delhi where the jungle man experiences a mighty big case of culture shock.

The second film was "Tarzan and Kingkong", in this film Tarzan is played by Randhawa, the younger brother of Dara Singh. Dara Singh appears in this film in a Guest appearance. The highlight of this film was the role of Kingkong played by himself.
This film was produced by A Jaiswal and directed by A Shamsheer, who earlier directed "Tarzan And Delilah" with Azad as Tarzan, now take Randhawa as Tarzan. A jungle queen (Bela Bose) captures the survivors of a plane crash, planning to sacrifice them to the goddess Bali. Tarzan (Randhawa) intervenes and in the process falls in love with Sharmila (Mumtaz), one of the stranded passengers.
The queen teams up with her commander, Romi (Shyam Kumar), and a strong-man named King Kong (King Kong), to destroy Tarzan and his lady love.

The third Tarzan film was "Tarzan and Circus" with Azad once again as Tarzan. This film was produced by S.J.Rajdeo and directed by Shiv Kumar with Chitra as the heroine.
IN this film we see a ringmaster of a circus who has lost his only son; Bimla, a love-hungry circus owner; and Keshav (Mohan Sherry), the wicked circus manager whose goal is to gain Bimla’s wealth and possess Malti’s youth. Malti is played by Chitra. 

In 1966 three Tarzan films released. The first release was Tarzan Aur Herculis produced by Herculis and directed by Mahmood, not the comedian Mehmood. The other film was Tiger And Jadui Chirag and the third was Tarzan Ki Mehbooba
Azad once again appears as Tarzan, his life is in danger, both from monsters created by a magician who is searching the jungle for a buried treasure and by royals who have discovered that the jungle man is the lost heir to a kingdom they have overthrown

D R Films Tarzan Ki Mehbooba was directed by Ram Rasila. In this film, Tabassum was the heroine of Tarzan played once again by Azad.
Tarzan loves a jungle nymph named Nimoni (Tabassum), who is the daughter of a tribal chief, Tomoki. The tribe’s witch doctor, Limo, wishes for Nimoni to become his bride, and to help make that happen he murders Timoki and takes over as chief. He then sets out to destroy Tarzan’s peaceful rule of the jungle.

In 1968 another Tarzan film released, directed by Sushil Gupta with once again Azad as Tarzan in Tarzan In Fairyland
The star cast includes Azad, Indira, Shyam Kumar, Amar, Ram Kumar, Ram Mohan, Sheikh, The story about a professor and his daughter (Indira), who are in search for a treasure thought to belong to a civilization that was buried during an earthquake thousand of years before. They run afoul of a mad magician, who captures the group. Tarzan came to rescue them from the magician and help them to find the treasure.

In 1970, a new Indian Tarzan was introduced, this time the great wrestler Master Chandagiram( Hind Kesri 1962 and 1968). The film was produced by Radhakant, who earlier a Tarzan film in 1963.
Tarzan (Chandgi Ram) takes to task a band of gold smugglers while at the same time falling in love with the gang leader’s pretty daughter, Rama (Shabnam).
Slowly the attraction of Tarzan was fading new characters were emerging like Rambo or Rocky. It took 15 years for Tarzan to reappear in 1985 film TARZAN (aka: ADVENTURES OF TARZAN)
The film directed by B Subhash, starring Hemant BirjeDalip TahilKimi Katkar, and Om Shivpuri. The film was successful commercially. The film was much talked about in its time, mainly due to the steamy scenes between the lead actors and popular hit songs. 
Like earlier films here also A small boy, lost in the jungle, becomes the ward of the jungle animals and grows up to become Tarzan (Hemant Birje). He was found by Dr. Sethi and his daughter, Ruby (Kimi Katkar) whom he saves. They fall in love. 
Ruby's dad and D.K plan to capture Tarzan and take him to work for the Apollo Circus, owned by Krishnakant Verma. Tarzan is captured before Tarzan and Ruby's romance could take wing. Tarzan is chained and taken to the circus and made to spend the rest of his days performing various acts, 

17 years later The sequel of the above movie named Tarzan Ki Beti was released in 2002. Tarzan was played by Hemant Birje. This movie was released in 2002 under the banner of Kusum Art International as a sequel of the Adventures of Tarzan
The star cast includes Hemant Birje, Ritika Singh, Gouri Varma, Raza Murad, Dhananjay (Junior Dharmendra) which was a look-alike of Dharmendra. Hemant Nirje plays Tarzan and Ritika Singh plays his daughter.
Dhananjay Singh plays Arjun, he loves an orphan girl Kiran.  When they are about to be married. Kiran knows from her mother that her father is Tarzan. Kiran also has a sister, Aarti who still lives in the jungle. Some hunters try to catch Arti in the jungle. A forest ranger helps Aarti to reunite with her family. 

In 2004 a film was released Tarzan and Wonder Car starring Ajay Devgan. The film was not a Tarzan film but there was car named as Tarzan. Ajay Devgan plays Deven who was an Automobile engineer who possessed this car. He was killed by four of his friends to grab this car. Ultimately this car was purchased by Deven's son after many years.  Deven's spirit possesses Taarzan and starts killing all the gentlemen responsible for the murder, including Inspector Sanjay Sharma. Since the car now belongs to Raj, he becomes a suspect in eyes of Inspector Khurana (Gulshan Grover)

Songs of Tarzan

Song of Toofani Tarzan 1937

Song of Zimbo 1958

Song of Tarzan Aur Jadugar 1964

Song of Tarzan Comes to Delhi 1965

Song of Tarzan 1985

Song of Tarzan 1985

Friday, 5 June 2020

Bollywood's Love for Bicycle

Two days back I heard the news that one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers(Atlas cycle) of India closes its factory. This made me upset, I started to think, how useful is a bicycle to us. Riding your bicycle regularly is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle.
Bicycle remained an important part of our life, many films or scenes were created in this mode of transport. Cycle scenes or songs have been picturized on a variety of actors from the Black &White era to the recent films. The first Hindi film on this subject was Khajanchi released in 1942. In this film a cycling chase was picturized on character actor Janki Das, who was introduced in this film, he was a ‘World Cycling Champion’The highlight of the film was the cycling feat of Janki Dass through the lanes and bylanes of Lahore. 
Jankidas served as the only Indian member of the International Olympic Committee at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin and was the only Indian to have broken the world record in cycling between 1934 and 1942. He broke eight cycling world records between 1934 to 1942.  

Actress Shubha Khote was a National Cycling Champion and was given a special chase scene on cycle in her debut film Seema in 1955. In 1959 film a love story started with a cycling accident. Incidentally, Shubha Khote was also in this scene among the girls singing and cycling.
Another film Shor 1972 the hero of the film enters into a cycling competition to win the prize money for treating his son. 

Jo Jeeta Woh Sikander, the 1992 film was based on cycling. The film story revolves around cycle races. First in a school competition. Aamir Khan trumped over the conniving Deepak Tijori.
Dil Dhadkne Do 
For the last 10 years, many films had cycle scenes, there was a cycle chase in Burfi, Amitabh Bachchan cycling on the street of Kolkata in Piku, paddling away in the streets of one of the most beautiful cities in the world along with your new-found love. Anushka and Ranveer show us exactly what to do after you fall for each other in Dil Dhadkne Do 

Salman Khan who is an avid cycle enthusiast in real life asked director Kabir Khan to keep a cycling scene in Bajrangi Bhaijaan.  Salman Khan gave a lift to his ladylove Kareena on his cycle.
Song of Khajanchi 1941

Song of Paying Guest 1957

Song of Anari 1959

Thursday, 4 June 2020

50 Years of Jeevan Mrityu

Released on 4 June 1970, Jeevan Mrityu is a Rajshri Production starring Dharmendra and Rakhi, the debut film of Rakhi. If you are a Dharmendra fan this film is for you. Dharmendra gives one of his best performances in this film. 
Dharmendra was at his best. Usually, he is known for his action but in this, you see him as a well-educated man who reaches the top in a short span with his hard work. Dharmendra has given an answer to all those who think he cannot perform emotional scenes well.  It wouldn't be wrong to say that the entire movie depends on Dharmendra's performance.

 The film was a remake of a 1967 Bengali film Jiban Mrityu starring Uttam Kumar and Supriya Devi in lead roles. The story was about a bank manager played by Dharmendra who is falsely implicated in a case of embezzlement by his colleagues Harish (Ajit), Jagat Narayan (Kanhaiyalal), Barrister P. Amarnath (Ramesh Deo) and Ramakant (Krishan Dhawan) for stealing Rs 10 lakh. and sent to jail for seven years. 
After completing his seven-year term, he finds a benefactor in Raja Ranvir Singh (Bipin Gupta) and plots revenge against his colleague. After Ashok is mistakenly reported to be dead, he takes on a new identity( In a disguise of a Sardar)  and sets off to get his former colleagues. 

Raakhee looks pretty in Dharmendra’s company, especially the melodious song, “Jhilmil Sitaron Ka Aangan Hoga”, featuring them in the first half of the movie. The sad version of this song, a solo of Lata Mangeshkar in the second part.
The film was a big hit as well the song "Jhil Mil Sitaron Ka" composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal. It will always be remembered as one of the finest offerings from the house of Tarachand Barjatjya, known to give quality films that could be viewed by the entire family.
Song of Jeevan Mrityu 1970

Song of Jeevan Mrityu 1970

Song of Jeevan Mrityu 1970 (Sad Version)

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Raj Khosla came to Bombay to become a Singer

He wanted to become a playback singer but destiny made him an ace director of his time. He had learned classical music from the age of six, and as a student, had joined All India Radio, filling in whenever a singer could not make it. He struggled hard to become a singer,  only one composer gave him a song that too after rehearsing went to Mukesh. He did get a song in 1949 film Bhool Bhulaiya, Bulo C Rani composed it, later in Madan Mohan's debut film Ankhen (1950), wherein he sang the quaint 'Rail Mein Jeeya Mora'.
During his struggle days, he became a friend to Dev Anand, who spotted his talent of direction made him an assistant of Guru Dutt at the time of making of Baazi in 1950. He assisted Guru Dutt in Jaal(1952) and Aar Paar(1954).

 in 1954 got a break with "Milap", starring Dev Anand and Geeta Bali. In this film, not only Raj Khosla made a debut as a Director, but a new Music Director, N. Dutta gave debut music. The next film he directed was C I D (1956) which was a hit From here onwards he never looked back. His next two films Kala Pani (1958) and Solva Saal (1958) were back to bach hit. 
He entered into production also, he co-produced and directed Bombay Ka Babu which was again a hit. Till then he directed 5 films in all the 5 films Dev Anand was his hero. The next film he directed was Ek Musafir Ek Hasina in 1962 for Shashdhar Mukharjee with Joy Mukharjee as a hero. The next film he directed was Woh Kaun Thi (1964) with Manoj Kumar and Sadhana.
Khosla explored a variety of styles be it crime thrillers like CID, suspense thrillers like Woh Kaun Thi, and musicals (Ek Musafir Ek Hasina (1962). Now he tried melodramas (Do Badan (1966) , he was successful in that too. In 1969 he came out with Do Raste and Chirag both the films were hit. The next genre he tried dacoity with highly successful Mera Gaon Mera Desh in 1971 and Kachhe Dhaage in 1973.
He made films after Mera Gaon Mera Desh and had hits like Prem Kahani (1975) starring the then hottest pair of the day Rajesh Khanna and MumtazNehle Pe Dehla (1976) and Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki (1978). After enjoying big hits like Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki (1978) and Dostana (1980) with Amitabh BachchanZeenat Aman, and Shatrughan Sinha, Khosla ran into some rough weather as his other films started flopping. The last film he directed was Sunny in 1984, which was not a hit.A dispirited Khosla took refuge in alcohol and died in Bombay on 9 June 1991
 He, along with Guru Dutt and Vijay Anand, was among the directors, who were also responsible for song picturizations being taken to a new high in the Hindi cinema of the 1950s and 6os.

Songs were sung by Raj Khosla in films

Song of Bhool Bhulaiya 1949

Song of Aankhen 1950

Songs of Films directed by Raj Khosla 
Song of Milap 1955

Song of CID 1956

Song of Kala Pani 1958

Song of Solva Saal 1958

Song of Bombai Ka Babu 1960

Song of Woh Kaun Thi 1963

Song of Mera Saya 1965