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Sunday, 9 December 2018

Shatrughan Sinha- The Chhainu of Mere Apne

Shatrughan Sinha  (9 December 1945) who made his debut from 1969 film Saajan is in his 50th year in Bollywood. He was first signed by Dev Anand for Prem Pujari in a very small role of a Pakistani soldier but the film was released later.
He earned his stardom with Gulzar's Mere Apne (1971). As the rough-edged street don Chhainu, who hates rival Vinod Khanna's guts, Shatrughan's impact was raw but powerful. His dialogue from Mere Apne "Shyaam Aaye to Keh Dena ki Chenu Aaya Tha " attracted the Bollywood lovers. His deep baritone, his style and his fiery eyes everything made him the darling of masses.

He became the only villain in Bollywood who received claps from the audience when he beats the Hero. Mere Apne won Shatrughan Sinha labels like Wonder Boy and Wonder Villain. His career steamed full throttle and Sinha happily blustered his way in viperous roles in films like Rampur Ka Lakshman, Bhai Ho To Aisa and Heera.
As the rough-edged street don Chhainu, who hates rival Vinod Khanna's guts, Shatrughan's impact was raw but powerful. He amplified his hearty voice to the full. Costar Meena Kumari complimented him on his ability to deliver dialogues without pausing at the expected moments. 
Mere Apne was released during a year that was enriched by films like Anand, Amar Prem, Guddi, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Mera Gaon Mera Desh, Tere Mere Sapne, Caravan, Buddha Mil Gaya. No awards came Mere Apne’s way but it remains a timeless classic for its realistic depiction of social issues.
After the role of Chhainu and its dialogues, Shatrughan Sinha became a craze among masses. As proof of his burgeoning popularity, Manmohan Desai was forced to heed his distributors and include a reformation scene in Bhai Ho To Aisa (1972). The public could no longer accept Sinha as an all-black villain. Sinha's style -- in the midst of an action-packed fight, he would take time off to check out if his watch was working -- suddenly made most villains look like they belonged to the age of the Flintstones.

Dialogue of Mere Apne

Song of Sabak 1973

Song of Blackmail 1973

Song of Badlaa 1974

Song of Dost 1974

Song of Aadmi Sadak Ka 1977

Song of Dostana 1980

Friday, 9 March 2018

Bollywood Actors with Forceful Voice and Dialogue Delivery

Bollywood had many Actors with a powerful voice and great dialogue delivery.As per my knowledge these people may or may not be equally big stars but their voice had an impact.In the present scenario Amitabh Bachchan remains the No one actor with a powerful voice and powerful dialogue delivery.A strange thing is that his voice was rejected by All India Radio for the Job of Announcer before joining Bollywood.In fact he made his film debut in 1969 as a voice narrator in Mrinal Sen's National Award winning film Bhuvan Shome.
Among the earlier actors Sohrab Modi, Prithviraj Kapoor,Murad,Jayant, Ajit and Raj Kumar were the actors with a powerful voice. Raj Kumar became popular for his dialogue delivery.
Sohrab Modi
He launched Minerva Movietone in 1936.He  became famous for its trilogy of historical spectaculars that were to follow - Pukar (1939), Sikandar (1941) and Prithvi Vallabh (1943), wherein Modi made the most of his gift for grandiloquence to evoke historical grandeur.In Prithvi Vallabh he was paired with Durga Khote Both of them many confrontation scenes with very powerful dialogues.
Scene from Prithvi Vallabh 1943

Prithviraj Kapoor
Most of us remember him with his powerful performance in Mughal e Azam but his most powerful performance was in 1941 film Sikandar. It was a Sohrab Modi film. Undoubtedly Modi's dream of making Sikandar would have remained unfulfilled had he not roped in another actor with equally powerful voice,Prithviraj Kapoor,to play the role of Alexander .His body language,modulation of voice and dialogue delivery made his role immortal.Prithviraj Kapoor used his booming voice to great effect that is extremely impressive,and continues to haunt film lovers.

Scene from Sikandar 1941

He  was an Indian character actor who appeared in more than 100 Bollywood films from the early 1940s through to the end of the 1980s playing character roles of a father, police officer, judge and an emperor. His son Raza Murad is also an actor in the Bollywood industry who is known for playing mostly villain roles and also have a powerful voice.His career began in the early 1940s when he made his acting debut in the 1943 film Najma which was directed by Mehboob Khan. The film featured him playing the father of Ashok Kumar despite being only a year older than him. He became a regular with director Mehboob Khan's films such as Anmol Ghadi (1946), Andaz (1949), Aan (1952) and Amar (1954). His other notable film roles included Do Bigha Zamin (1953) as a cruel landowner, Devdas (1955) as Devdas's father
Murad as King in'Yahudi'1958 with great Sohrab Modi,Dilip Kumar and Meena kumari

His real name was Zakaria Khan.He was tall and had a deep voice.  He played lead role in many movies like Bombay Mail (1935), Challenge (1936), His Highness (1937) and State Express (1938)Tody's generation will better know him the father of Amjad Khan(Gabbar Singh of Sholay).Some of his well known films were Amar(1954),Insaniyat (1955) as Zangoora, Madhumati (1958) as Pawan Raja (Madhumati's Father) and Haqeeqat (1964) as Indian Army Commanding Officer

                               Angry Madhubala has an argument with Jayant in  Amar(1954)

Jayant (Zakaria Khan) the father & Amjad Khan the son sing Pashto songs in Hindi movie

 He acted in over two hundred movies in almost four decades.Initially he played the lead roles in  movies such as NastikBada BhaiMilanBara Dari, and later as a second lead in Mughal-e-Azam and Naya Daur. In the middle of 1960s he switched over to play the villain. His first movie as a villain was Suraj, followed by films such as Zanjeer and Yaadon Ki Baaraat.His famous dialogues included the "Mona darling" bit in Yaadon Ki Baraat, "Lily don't be silly" in Zanjeer and the one about a "Lion" in Kallicharan.

                            Kalicharan - Sara Shehar Mujhe Lion Ke Naam Se Janta Hai

Raj Kumar
Raaj Kumar made his acting debut in the 1952 film Rangili and appeared in films like AabsharGhamand and Lakhon Mein Ek, but it was as Prince Naushazad in Sohrab Modi’s Nausherwan-E-Adil (1957) that he became famous. In 1957, he achieved prominence with his brief role as the husband of Nargis in Mother India. He followed this with the unglamorous role of a mill worker in Paigham (1959) alongside Dilip Kumar. In Sridhar’s Dil Ek Mandir (1963), Raaj Kumar played the role of a cancer patient for which he won the Filmfare Award in the Best supporting actor category.He was cast with Sunil DuttShashi Kapoor and Balraj Sahni in Yash Chopra’s family drama Waqt in 1965.  He became known for his distinct style of dialogue delivery.

                      Humko Mita Sake - Raaj Kumar Most Famous & Cult Dialogue

Amitabh Bachchan
Referred to as the Shahenshah of BollywoodStar of the Millennium, or Big B, he has since appeared in over 190 Indian films in a career spanning almost five decades.[Bachchan is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential actors in the history of Indian cinema as well as world cinema.He is known for his deep, baritone voice. He has been a narrator, a playback singer, and presenter for numerous programmes.He is the only actor who gave his voice as Sutradhar in more than 15 films.Renowned film director Satyajit Ray was so impressed with Bachchan's voice that he decided to use Bachchan as the narrator in his 1977 film Shatranj Ke Khilari 

                            Best of Amitabh Bachchan dialogues

Shatrughan Sinha
He started as Villain in Bollywood,he was most popular as villain in the initial career in films.He was one of the most unconventional actors in Hindi cinema (the others being Ajay DevganAmitabh BachchanIrfan KhanRajinikanthShahrukh Khan, and Sunil Shetty He is known for his superb performances and punch dialogues in Mere Apne,Loha, Dost, Dostana, Naseeb, Khilona, Kalicharan, Rakhta Charitra 2, Vishwanath, Shaan, Bombay to Goa,

                                                  Shatrughan Sinha's Best Dialogues

Danny Denzogpa
 His film career spans more than 4 decades.His best known villainous roles are in Dhund36 GhanteBandish (film)(1980), Jeeo Aur Jeene DoDharm Aur Qanoon and Agneepath and is remembered for his performances in positive roles such as in FakiraChor Machaye ShorDevata (1978 film)KalicharanBulundi and Adhikar (1986 film). He got his major break in Gulzar's Mere Apne (1971), where he had a positive role. His most applauded negative characters are in Bandish (film) (1980) as Kapil Kumar, Phir Wahi Raat as "Ashok", Dharm Aur Qanoon (1984), as SP "Karan", Kanoon Kya Karega (1984), as "Raghuvir Singh", Andar Baahar (1984), as "Shera", Oonche Log (1985), as "Thakur Maan Singh", Aandhi Toofan (1986), as "Balbir" Bhagwaan Dada (1986), as "Gangwaa", Agneepath (1990), as "Kancha Cheena", Hum (1991), as "Bakhtawar", Ghatak: Lethal, as "Kaatya", Krantiveer (1994), as "Chatur Singh", Pukar, (2000) as "Abhrush" and Indian, as "Shankar Singhania". He was pitted against Pran in the film Sanam Bewafa and 1942:A Love Story

Raaj Kumar & Danny Denzongpa Face Off - Hit Bollywood Movie Scene - Bulandia

Amrish Puri
 He is the most remembered for his role as Mogambo in Shekhar Kapur's Hindi film Mr. India (1987),. He was noticed in the 1980 super-hit movie Hum Paanch in which he played the main villain. After that, he started getting cast as the main villain in other movies. In 1982, Puri played the main villain, Jagavar Choudhary in the Subhash Ghai super-hit film Vidhaata. That same year, he again played the main villain, JK in the movie Shakti starring two legends- Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan. Next, in 1983, Subhash Ghai again cast him as the main villain, Pasha in the superhit movie Hero. Puri regularly featured in subsequent Subhash Ghai films.Before coming to films he was a voice over artist.He had a magnificent voice, as you or anybody who has heard him would know. His articulation was excellent. 

Friday, 9 December 2016


Shatrughan Sinha (born Shatrughan Prasad Sinha on 9 December 1945) is an Indian film actor turned politician.He is an alumnus of the Film and Television Institute of India Pune.He got his first break in Bollywood by Dev Anand in Prem Pujari where he played a very small role of a  a Pakistani military officer ,Subsequently, he got a small role as a police inspector in Mohan Sehgal’s Sajan in 1969.This film released first so we can say that his first released film was Sajan in 1969.
Shatrughan Sinha had started making his presence felt in the film circuit within a year of his entry into the films. He was a bit loud-mouthed but his fellow actors were understanding his personality gradually. He became good friends with Mumtaz and Sanjeev Kumar. Mumtaz empathized with the newcomer Sinha and recommended him for a role in Khilona (1970). She helped him to boost his confidence during his early days. If the superhit Khilona brought him the much-needed recognition, Gulzar’s Mere Apne (1971) raised him to the pedestal of a star. He played the role of a street don who has bitter enmity with his rival Vinod Khanna. He was able to make that much-needed impact with this role and his co-star Meena Kumari was all praise for him.

Initially he played supporting roles in many films  and was appreciated as villain,His dialogues and style were highly appreciated by cinema lovers.He got the distinction of getting claps by the audiance when he beats the Hero of the film.

He became a hero later on and started playing negative as well as positive roles.His film Kaalicharan (1976)established him as hero. The movie proved decisive in his career and he started doing more hero roles after this. His heroine in the movie, Reena Roy, went on to star with him in many more films. The Ghai-Sinha-Roy trio delivered another hit right after Kalicharan in the form of Vishwanath(1976). Sinha then worked with the best directors of those times: Prakash Mehra (Jwalamukhi, 1980), Manmohan Desai (Naseeb, 1971), Ramesh Sippy (Shaan, 1980), Raj Khosla (Dostana, 1980) and Yash Chopra (Kaala Patthar, 1979). In Kaala Patthar, Dostanaand Naseed, Sinha and Amitabh Bachchan brought the best out of each other.

Shatrughan Sinha is a born Orator and was always a Peoples' Person - He reached the pinnacle of success as an Actor in a very short time. In the year 1974, Shatrughan came into meaningful contact with Lok Nayak Shri Jaiprakash Narayan Ji and experienced his Peoples' Movement.
This was a major turning point in his life, especially since Shatrughan always wanted to contribute to Society in whichever humble way he could. He joined the Bharatiya Janata Party and has been their biggest Star Campaigner for their Central as well as State Elections, using his charismatic persona & oratorical skills to the hilt.

Shatrughan Sinha is the First Member of the Indian Film Industry to become a Union Cabinet Minister, Government of India. He is also the only Non-Medical Practioner in the World to become a Health Minister - All thanks to his ardent commitment to the Social Causes of Anti-Tobaco and Anti-Drug Campaigns along with Cancer Awareness and Eye Donation Movements

He won the Patna Sahib Lok Sabha constituency in Bihar during the Indian general elections, 2009. He defeated another cinema celebrity Shekhar Suman. Out of a total of 552,293 votes polled, Sinha received 316,472 votes. He won the seat in the subsequent Indian general elections, 2014, as well.
Song from Sabak 1973

Song from Blackmail 1973

Song from Gulam Begum Badshah 1973

Song from Gai Aur Gori 1973

Song from Dost 1974

Song from Badla 1974

Song from Aadmi Sadak Ka 1977

Shatrughan singing in his own voice

Song from Dostaana 1980