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Friday, 15 July 2016

Great songs by Forgootten Composers


Remember the songs Ta thaiya karte ana – one of the best female duets ever – or  Mukesh song Mujhe raat din ye khayal hai, or Rafi’s evergreen Subaha na ayi sham na ayi and Wo hum na the wo tum na the wo rahguzar thi pyar ki or Rafi’s duets like Phir aane laga yaad wohi pyar ka aalam and Ek chameli ke madwe tale.
                                                             Ek Jhalak of Milestone Music of Iqbal Qureshi
All  the above mentioned songs were composed by Music Composer  IQBAL QURESHI who was a true maestro in every sense, he composed music for less than twenty Hindi movies,but the movies he did in the sixties had  musical gems that made a lasting mark on the viewers memory.
His first movie as an independent composer was Jasoos in 1955, though most of the films were low budget movies with lesser known actors, it did not deter him from creating good tunes and he did total justice to the songs. 

In 1956 his second movie"Sipahsalar"released  “Dil ne chheda hai Tarana” sung by Talat Mahmood and Asha Bhosle and “Ankhon mein ankhen daal ke” a duet by Mohd. Rafi and Asha Bhosle. Both the songs had catchy tunes which became popular.
The next movie for which Iqbal Qureshi composed songs was Panchayat (1958) which was Manoj Kumar’s second movie it also had Raj Kumar and Shyama in the cast.“Ta Thaiya karke Aana” duet by Lata Mangeshkar and Geeta Dutt is from this film,another song “Haal yeh kar diya Zalim” sung by Mohd. Rafi and Geeta Dutt .

After the musical success of "Panchayat" Iqbal Qureshi got his next assignment with big banner Filmalaya’s, he was signed on as music director for Love in Simla, this film launched the career of Joy Mukheerji and Sadhana and directed by R. K. Nayyar It had some catchy songs,"Yu Zindagi Ke Raste " by Mohammad Rafi,"Kiya Hai Dilruba Pyar Bhi Kabhi'a duet by Asha and Rafi and"Dil Tham Chale Hum Aaj Kidhar"by Rafi

Iqbal Qureshi also composed songs for "Bindya' in 1960 a Balraj Sahani and Padmini  starer,”Main apne Aap Se Ghabra Gaya Hoon” sung by Mohd Rafi is still remembered and is a classic.
"Umar Qaid" was released in 1961 and had some beautiful songs composed by Iqbal Qureshi, “Mujhe Raat Din yeh Khayal hai” is one of the song from this film.

In 1963 he did "Yeh Dil Kisko Doon" which had Shashi Kapoor and Ragini in the lead and was directed by Kewal Mishra. “Phir aane laga yaad wohi” was one of the popular number from this film.

After "Umar Qaid'there was a lean period in his life .he was not getting big banners on the other side Music directors like S D Burman,Naushad,Shankar Jaikishan were at their peak . Lots of immortal songs were being created.Hindi Film Music was at its peak,Iqbal Qureshi could not churn out quality songs, maybe he could not catch up with the changing trends of music in the films.

In 1964  his film "Cha Cha Cha"released.It was produced and directed by Chandrashekar who was also in the lead with Helen, though the name of the movie gives the impression a western music based story but most of the songs were traditional and were the highlight of the movie.”Wo hum na the wo tum na the” and “Subah na aayi Shaam na aayi” were outstanding compositions in the movie.

In the same year we saw the release of "Qawwali Ki Raat" where Iqbal Qureshi had the opportunity to compose qawwali. There were three qawwali songs in this film which one cannot forget easily.

Inspite of some good music , the luck was not favouring Iqbal Qureshi,he was getting low budget movies,his songs were getting unnoticeable.In 1970 he did Bombay by Nite which had Prithviraj Kapoor and Sanjeev Kumar. “Baharon ne kiye sajde” a beautiful composition was sung by Mukesh.

 In 1985 he did Sautela Pati directed by B. R. Ishara with Raj Kiran and Asha Sachdev in the lead. His last movie was Pathron ke Shehar in 1986.
There is one movie of Iqbal Qureshi which was never released and that is ….Pyar bana afsana [ 1960s]…. . This movie had some good five or six songs mostly by Asha, rafi and Krishna kalle .

Shamma jali to jala parwana……Krishna Kalle

                                       A Rare song of Rafi from unreleased film Pyar bana Afsana