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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Relax & Enjoy your SUNDAY with These BOLLYWOOD SONGS

 The past few days have been tough on people and the way people have been reacting says a lot about their level of maturity. We are all busy discussing the pros and cons of the demonetisation.Let us Shed our Tension by watching these Bollywood Songs on Money or Rupaiya.Enjoy your Sunday with these Songs
Na biwi na bachcha na baap bada na maiyan from Sabse Bada Rupaiya.
This film was released in 1976 produced by Mehmood and this famous song was sung and acted by Mehmood
Sabse bada rupaiya.

Chhan chhan chhan chhan baje rupaiyya naache duniya

This song is from a film called Chaar Paise-1955. This is a funny song and dance video of Kishore Kumar. Funnier was the fact that though this film was passed by the Censors on 12-12-1955, the film was never released in theatres
Chhan chhan chhan chhan baje rupaiyya naache duniya

Kaahe paise pe itna guroor kare hai

This song is from the film Lawaris released in 1981 and picturised on Amitabh Bachchan and Zeenat Aman. Amitabh Bachchan in this song is seen ridiculing Zeenat Aman for her love of money which according to him cannot buy love and other invaluable things in life.

Kaahe paise pe itna guroor kare hai

Is duniya mein sabse achchi cheez hai kya jee paisa

 This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle and Geeta Dutt. The song is picturised on Madhubala and her sister Chanchal (both looking so similar in appearance).This  song is from “Mehlon Ke Khwaab” (1960).
Is duniya mein sabse achchi cheez hai kya jee paisa

Paanch rupaiyya barah aana

This song from “Chalti ka naam gaadi”(1958) is a song that  surprises the listeners in a delightful way. Madhubala sings some romantic and inviting “come near” lines, only to be greeted by Kishore Kumar insisting on getting his Rs 5 and paise 75 from her. 
Song from “Chalti ka naam gaadi”(1958) 

Kyon paisa paisa karti hain from De Dana Dan
This song is acted by Akshay Kumar,it was very popular and still is popular among today's generation

I Want Paisa Paisa Paisa This is the latest on 500 and 1000 Rs  Note ban