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Friday, 26 April 2019

Dev Anand's Association with Shankar Jaikishan

Shankar Jaikishan were associated with Raj Kapoor and Shammi Kapoor but they also composed for Dev Anand in 8 films with 63 scores. The first film they worked together was the 1953 film Patita. But when producers and directors approached Shankar Jaikishan for composing music in Dev Anand’s film, he took Hemant Kumar for Dev Anand. The song Yaad Kiya Dil Ne Kahan Ho Tum was super hit. Another song for Dev Anand was Talat Mahmood.
The combination of SJ and Dev Anand stormed Bollywood from the time he used Rafi for almost all the songs in the film Love Marriage in 1959.Rafi’s songs included “kahan ja rahe the“, “dheere dheere chal“, This combination created storms in the film Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai.
Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai was a musical film with Asha Parekh and all the songs became super hit in the early 60s. Some of them included “jiya ho, jiya ho jiya kuch bol do“, “sau saal pehele hume tumse pyar tha“, “yeh aankhe uff yummma“, “teri zulfonki“, to name a few. The success of the film Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai was followed up in Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s film Asli Nakli. All the songs of this film were hit especially tera mera pyara amar“, “tujhe jeevan ki dor se bandh liya hai“, “ek buth banayunga“, “asli nakli chehera 
After this released Dev Anand Saira Bano starrer Pyar Mohabbat in 1966. The songs in the film Pyar Mohabbat, like “dil ki awaaz khuda khair Karen“, “pyar muhobbat” and duet songs with Sharda like “sun sun, sun re balam, dil tujhko pukare” were hits.
After this film SJ did 2 films with Dev Saab both released in 1968,Duniya and Kahin Aur Chal The songs of Duniya were popular in this film SJ used Kishore Kumar for Dev Anand.
Song of Patita 1953

Song of Love Marriage 1959

Song of Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja (1961) 

Song of Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai (1961)

Song of Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai (1961)

Song of Asli Naqli (1962) 

Song of Asli Naqli (1962) 

Song of Pyar Mohabbat 1966

Song of Duniya 1968

Song of Duniya 1968

Monday, 15 October 2018

The Great Composer Duo of the Golden Era of Bollywood

The duo of Shanker and Jaikishan ruled the Golden Era of Indian Film Music industry with an array of compositions which were remarkable for their unusual concepts and immensely successful. The duo was considered even more important and sellable than the stars of the movies for which they wrote music- their compositions were popular even if the movie itself failed on the box office.
Their association with Lyricist Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri was a golden page in annals of Hindi film music, the songs from movies like Barsaat, Awara, Anaari, Chori Chori, Daag, Patita, Kathputli, Yahudi, Dil Ek Mandir, Dil Apna Preet Paraye, Teesri Kasam, Mera Naam Joker, Junglee, Professor, An Evening in Paris, Brahmachari, Aarzoo, Sangam, Andaz and Mera Naam Joker are still fresh in our mind.
‘Barsaat’ ((1949) was the starting point for this foursome. How they met to form the most enduring musical partnership was an accident of fate and that accident was in a way masterminded by another artist called Raj Kapoor, a man with amazing creative talent and vision. 
There were very few occasions when this two lyricist not writing for Shankar Jaikishan. Except for ‘Aarzoo’ and College Girl, the two lyricists found themselves out of S-J favour. The superb chemistry between these four was not merely because they were great artists all. It was more because they were all great friends and great companions who enjoyed each other’s company to the fullest.
Unfortunately, the seeds of dissent and doubt were sown after the release of Sangam between the duo. All the songs were hit but when ‘Binaca Geet Mala’- then a litmus test for popularity- selected Rafi’s ‘Yeh mera prem patra padhkar’  from ‘Sangam’ for the top spot over Mukesh’s ‘Dost dost na raha’ from the same film, Rafi’s song was the creation of Jaikishan- Hasrat team whereas the Mukesh-song was conceived by Shankar-Shailendra combo.
Shankar had this misunderstanding that his song was purposely put down to promote Jaikishan’s song  Due to the intervention of the two lyricists that kept the working relationship intact. This jodi was broken only in 1971 when Jaikishan died. Even after the death of Jaikishan Shankar gave music in many films as Shankar Jaikishan.
Shankar was 7 years elder to Jaikishan. He was born on 15 October 1922. He started his career with a theater group run by Satyanarayan and Hemawati, before shifting to Prithvi Theatre where he played tabla and performed some minor roles in plays. Later he started working as an assistant to the leading composer duo of Husnlal Bhagatram and nurtured the ambition of becoming an independent music director.
Song of Barsaat 1949

Song of Awara 1951

Song of Daag 1952

Song of Patita 1953

Song of Chori Chori 1956

Song of Anari 1959

Song of Dil Apna Preet Paraye 1960

Song of Dil Ek Mandir 1963

Song of Sangam 1964

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Shankar Jaikishan-The Duo who molded the Musical Mood of Bollywood

Shankar Jaikishan the music synonym of Bollywood Music.They were the Super Star Music Director of golden Era of Bollywood.They molded the mood and musical mood of masses since the release of Barsat 1949.
Shankar,the more versatile of the two,was a prolific musician with mastery over many instruments,elder of the two was primarily responsible for making this great Jodi and also to build a  dedicated team of  Lyricist like Shailendra and Hasrat Jaipuri and musicians like Datta Ram and Sebastion.
Shankar was born on 5th Oct 1922.He started his career with a theater group run by Satyanarayan and Hemawati, before shifting to Prithvi Theatre where he played tabla and performed some minor roles in plays. It was at Prithvi theatre that he learnt to play and mastered several other instruments like Sitar, Accordion and Piano etc. Besides his work at Prithvi theatre, he also started working as an assistant to the leading composer duo of Husnlal Bhagatram and nurtured the ambition of becoming an independent music director.
He met Jaikishan at the office of a Gujrati director Chandravadan Bhatt who had promised Shankar a break as a Music Director when he produced a film.Both developed a liking for each other and it was he who then and there assured Jaikishan of the job of a Harmonium player at Prithvi theaters.While working in Prithvi Theaters, Shankar and Jaikishan used to compose tunes and were in touch with Raj Kapoor, who was working as an assistant to the famous director Kidar Sharma and was aspiring to be an actor/director. Thus, the three had met at Prithvi Theater.
Raj Kapoor made his debut as a director with the film Aag in 1948. Its music director Ram Ganguly was assisted by Shankar and Jaikishan. However, during the recording of a song for his new venture Barsaat, Raj Kapoor had some serious differences with Ram Ganguly and decided to assign its music to Shankar who insisted on taking Jaikishan as his partner. Thus came into existence the new pair of music directors named 'Shankar-Jaikishan' who composed the music for the film.
Their early works include BarsaatAwaaraBadalPoonamNaginaAuratParbatKaali GhataaAahPatitaShikastBadshahMayur PankhNaya GharSeemaShree 420Basant BaharHalakuRajhathNew DelhiKathputliAnariChori ChoriDaagBegunahYahudiMain Nashe main hoonKanaiahBoot PolishChhoti BehanSharaaratLove Marriage,Jab Pyaar Kisi se hota hai,Asli Naqli and Ujala.
Shankar-Jaikishan were the pioneers in establishing the role of the orchestra in song compositions as a medium to express and enhance the meanings and feelings of songs rather than using it just as a `filler' as per the prevalent practice before their advent on the scene. They made use of the orchestra and musical instruments (often dozens or hundreds of them) in their songs which consisted of the following format: 
Shankar Jaikishan made a major contribution towards the development of jazz music in India and the new genre Indo jazz. Their 1968 album Raaga-Jazz style is the earliest Indo-jazz recording in India
After Jaikishan's death, Shankar carried on with the banner of Shankar-Jaikishan alone,His most-successful musical hit was Sanyasi in 1975 for which he scored all songs and the entire background score based upon SJ's favorite Raag Bhairavi to prove the point that SJ's Bhairavi was as much Shankar's as that of Jaikishan.
Shankar died on 26th April 1987. His death received nominal media coverage and his funeral was attended only by his family and some friends.
Some of My Favourite Songs of Shankar Jaikishan
Song from Barsat 1949

Song from Awara 1951

Song from Daag 1952

Song from Aah 1953

Song from Patita 1953

Song from Seema 1955

Song from Shree 420  1955

Song from Chori Chori  1956

Song from Anari   1959

Song from Love Marriage 1959

Song from Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hai 1961

Song from Sasural 1961

Song from Junglee 1962

Song from Professor 1962

Song from Sangam 1964

Song from Aarzoo 1965

Song from Andaz 1971