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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

50 Years of Humjoli

Recall the badminton song "Dhal Gaya Din " which was later recreated in a song of 2007 film"Om Shanti Om"  Another song Haye Re Haye Neend Nahin Aye and Tik Tik Tik performed by Jeetendra and Mumtaz made this movie a musical hit in 1970.
The highlight of the film was the unforgettable comedy of Mehmood, who played a triple role of grandfather, father, and son mimicking Prithviraj Kapoor, Raj Kapoor, and Randhir Kapoor.
The film was produced by Prasan Kapoor under the Tirupati Pictures banner and directed by T. R. Ramanna. It stars JeetendraLeena Chandavarkar in the lead roles with Pran and Mehmood, and music composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal

Village-based Gopalnath (Pran) had always dreamed of becoming rich. On a visit to Bombay city, his dreams are fulfilled when he agrees to marry plain-looking Roopa, the sole heiress of a wealthy man (Nazir Hussain). Unknown to Roopa, Gopalnath loves fellow-villager, Shyama (Shashikala). After the passing away of Roopa's dad, Roopa gives birth to a baby girl, Ranibala. Gopalnath arranges to have Roopa killed; marries Shyama, and lets Ranibala lives in a hostel. Years later, his past comes to haunt him in the shape and form of Shyama's relatives, and Ranibala's suitor, Manmohan, who will not leave any stone unturned to blackmail Gopalnath for the rest of his life.

Great performances from everyone as well as excellent songs and picturization make Humjoli an entertaining watch. Mumtaz appears for the catchy song 'Tik Tik' where Mumtaz and Jeetendra's dancing makes Leena shed tears of jealously. 

Songs of Humjoli

1"Haye Re Haye"Lata MangeshkarMohammed Rafi
2"Dhal Gaya Din Ho Gayi Sham"Mohammed Rafi, Asha Bhosle
3"Chal Shuru Ho Ja"Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar
4"Ho Tu Tu Tu"Kamal Barot, Asha Bhosle
5"Yeh Kaisa Aaya Zamana"Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, Mahmood
6"Tik Tik Tik Mera Dil"Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi
Song of Humjoli 1970

Song of Humjoli 1970

Song of Humjoli 1970

Song of Humjoli 1970

Song of Humjoli 1970

Song of Humjoli 1970

Monday, 4 May 2020

Mem Sahib (1956)- A Classic Film with Four Legends in Making

A rare film with a star cast Shammi Kapoor, Meena Kumari, Kishore Kumar, and Mehmood in one film is an attractive proposition to watch. At the time of its release, none of them was a big star. Shammi Kapoor's first hit film was Tumsa Nahin Dekha which was released one year later in 1957. What is more, he is not the hero, he does not get to walk away with the heroine, and he plays a negative character. Mehmood had a small and insignificant role. Kishore Kumar was also not a big name. Meena  Kumari was the only one who was successful, not a Tragedy Queen at that time. 
Meena Kumari played the role of a  modern girl in this film. An unlike Meena Kumari film with full of entertainment. This is also one of Meena Kumari’s non-tragedy roles. 

This film is based on the usual clash between ‘traditional Indian’ and ‘modern/Western’ values. Kishore Kumar(Sunder) who plays the naive young man, brought up in an ashram comes to town to marry which was fixed long ago by the heroine's rich father when both the boy and girl were a child. The girl who lived in a city with a modern lifestyle refuses to marry such a  guy. She gives a matrimonial Ad. in a paper and takes interviews. Manohar (Shammi Kapoor) who plays a negative character in the film reads the Ad and decides to go for an interview. Manohar impresses Meena, both become friendly. Meena introduces Manohar to her uncle as her prospective groom,

Meena's aunt was against this marriage so she calls Sundar from Guru ji ashram to meet Meena, the girl to whom he is betrothed. Meena, on the other hand, wanted to marry Manohar.
Sunder blames Manohar for ‘stealing’ his Meena away, The uncle advises Sunder to forget Meena. In the meantime, Manohar approaches Meena’s uncle for his blessings. Uncle tells Manohar that he has no problem as long as Meena wants to marry him but  Meena’s father’s will states that if Meena marries anyone other than Sunder, the latter will be heir to all her wealth. 
Manohar who is after the wealth of Meena tells Meena about the will. Manohar, along with Meena, steals the will out of her uncle’s safe but their plans fail once again when they come to know that one more copy of this will is lying with Sunder's mother.
Manohar plants the idea of Meena getting the will from Sunder by pretending to fall in love with him. Meena falls for the idea. Initially, she pretended to love Sunder but after a while, she realizes Manohar of wooing her for her money; if he truly loved her, he would take her as she is. 

The film was produced and directed by R C Talwar, music was given by Madan Mohan. 
Music Director  Madan Mohan was inspired by the 1934 song  Isle of Capri for not one but two versions of the song Dil Dil Se Mila Kar Dekho,sung by Asha Bhosle and Kishore Kumar respectively. Both the songs were picturized on Meena Kumari and Kishore Kumar. The first version (Asha Bhosle) in the film comes more than an hour into the film when Meena Kumari pretends to be interested in Kishore Kumar and who, outside the world of the ashram he has grown up in, is just getting introduced to the ways of the ‘sinful’ world. Meena Kumari is driving the car while Kishore Kumar sits on the front seat.

The second version (Kishore Kumar) comes about half an hour later once Kishore Kumar, now having fallen hook line and sinker for Meena Kumari, has succumbed to the lifestyle of the rich and wealthy. In this song, Kishore Kumar drives the car and Meena Kumari sits on the front seat.
Another popular song "Hamari Gali Aana, Achha Ji" picturized on Meena Kumari and Shammi Kapoor, a sung by Asha Bhosle and Talat Mahmood was also very popular, This film is available on YouTube.
Song of Mem Sahib 1956 (Female Version)

Song of Mem Sahib 1956 (Male Version)

Song of Mem Sahib 1956

Song of Mem Sahib 1956

Song of Mem Sahib 1956

Song of Mem Sahib 1956

Song of Mem Sahib 1956

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

50 Years of Padosan (1968)

The title “Padosan”  brings a smile to every face. Produced by Mahmood and N.C. Sippy, the film is one of the best entertainers of all times. The film that immortalises Kishore Kumar and Mehmood as master entertainers. The film is also known for the behind-the-scenes rivalry in the song, “Ek Chatur Naar”, between Manna Dey and Kishore Kumar. The film was released on 29 th Nov 1968 and was a super hit. It is among the Top 50 classics of Hindi Cinema.
The film was based on a Bengali story, ‘Pasher bari' (next-door neighbour) written by Arun Chowdhury and adapted in Bengali in 1952, in Telugu as “Pakkinti Ammayi” in 1953, in Tamil as “Adutta Veetu Penn” in 1960 and again in Telugu as “Pakkinti Ammayi” in 1981. 
The film was  Directed by Jyoti Swaroop. The movie stars Sunil Dutt and Saira Banu in lead roles. Kishore KumarMukri, Raj Kishore and Keshto Mukherjee played the supporting roles. Mehmood as the South Indian musician and rival to Sunil Dutt is among the highlights of the film. It was considered one of the best comedy movies made in Hindi film history. Mehmood's portrayal of a south Indian music teacher was one of his noted performances and a key highlight of the film. Kishore Kumar's character of a comical theatre director was also well received.
The music of the film was composed by Rahul Dev Burman and the lyrics were written by Rajendra Krishan.R.D. Burman's hit music gave us all-time great songs like “Mere Samne Wali Khidki Mein” (Kishore Kumar) and “Ek Chatur Naar Karke Singaar” (Manna Dey and Kishore Kumar) not to forget “Main Chali Main Chali”, “Sharm Aati Hai Magar”, “Bhai Batur” (all Lata Mangeshkar), “Bindu Re Bindu” and “Kahna Hai Tumse Ye Pahli Baar” (both Kishore Kumar).

Padosan is a story of a simpleton named Bhola (Sunil Dutt) who falls in love with his neighbour Bindu (Saira Banu). To impress her he wants to sing to her. However, he isn't a good singer and so seeks the help of his friend, Guru (Kishore Kumar). Guru, a famous singer, agrees to help his friend.

To impress Bindu, Guru sings in the background and Bhola mouths the words. Bindu is charmed by what she thinks is Bhola's singing. They become friends and fall in love. Bindu has a music teacher named Master Pillai/Masterji (Mehmood) who is also in love with her and keeps proposing to her. Bindu loves Bhola and hence refuses Masterji.

One day Bindu finds out about Bhola's lie. She decides to marry Masterji instead. Bhola thinks of a way to get Bindu back. So on the wedding day, Guru gets an idea. He makes Bhola pretend to have committed suicide.
Guru goes and tells the news to Bindu. She is shocked. She leaves her wedding altar and runs to Bhola. She reads the note and starts to repent. Bindu then tries to wake Bhola up. Bhola wakes up and Bindu is delighted. She tells Masterji that she wants to marry Bhola and he agrees. Bhola and Bindu get married. 
With brilliant performances and enduring songs, “Padosan” can be watched any number of times. 
Song of Padosan 1968

Song of Padosan 1968

Song of Padosan 1968

Song of Padosan 1968

Song of Padosan 1968

Song of Padosan 1968

Saturday, 29 September 2018

MEHMOOD - The Original Bhaijaan

Today Salman Khan is known as the Bhaijaan of Hindi Film Industry but the original Bhaijaan was Mehmood. At his peak, he was paid more than the film’s hero. Mehmood had a big heart too. He helped many struggling actors find work in the industry. When Amitabh Bachchan was new to Mumbai and still struggling to find a foothold in the industry, it was Mehmood who helped him and offered him a room at his own house. He gave Amitabh the hero’s role in Bombay To Goa in 1972. It was due to this movie that writer duo Salim- Javed picked Amitabh for the iconic role of  Inspector Vijay Khanna in the action film Zanjeer.
There was a time It was difficult to imagine Hindi film comedy without Bollywood’s original Bhaijaan. His movie comes with an assurance of fun, frolic, drama, dance and great music. Well, dancing came naturally to him and so did acting and performance. There was no movie without a song of Mehmood.
In this Blog I have included some of the forgotten hit songs of Mehmood.this will refresh your memory.
Song of  Parvarish (1958)

Song of Howrah Bridge (1958) 

Song of Chhoti Bahen (1959)

Song of Pyase  Panchhi 1961

Song of Pyase  Panchhi 1961

Song of Sasural 1961

Song of Aarti 1962

Song of Grahasti (1963)

Song of Hamrahi (1963)

Song of  Shabnam 1964

Song of Bhoot Bangla 1965

Song of Pati Patni' (1966)

Song of  Around the World 1967

Song of Jawab 1970

Song of Main Sundar Hoon (1971)

Monday, 23 July 2018

The earlier Years of Mehmood

Mehmood, son of character actor Mumtaz Ali, who was having a dance troupe "Mumtaz Ali Nites" performed all over India. His career slumped due to his alcoholism, leading Mehmood to work as a child artist and daughter Meenu Mumtaz to work as a dancer in his stage shows and later movies. He had a tough time when starting out in the Hindi film industry.
He did every kind of odd job from becoming a driver for director PL Santoshi.He also assisted him on the sets. If Santoshi sent him out to buy cigarettes or other small things, he would invariably keep the change.  He also got the job of teaching Table Tennis to Meena Kumari.
He also worked as assistant cameraman with Arjun Desai, as an assistant set designer with Kamleshwar Sehgal, as an assistant editor with DN Desai.He also worked with Hemant kumar as office assistant for some time.Hemant Kumar who knew the hardship he was facing once even let him sing in the chorus so that he could make some money.
It was in 1954 when Hemant Kumar was giving music for Nagin,in a song  ‘O Zindagi Ke Denewale’ he took Mehmood as a chorus singer but he was singing so badly that Hemant Kumar’s assistant Ravi asked him to leave. Mehmood begged Ravi to let him stay, but Ravi was adamant. However, Hemant Kumar knew of Mehmood’s dire straits, so he asked to remain and merely lip-sync the song without any sound.
In his childhood Mehmood worked in few films of Bomay Talkies as a child artist(Kismet of Bombay Talkies was his first film as child artist) so he thought of to switch to acting and started going to one producer to another to beg for work.
He was first offered a small role as a murder victim in CID and then acted in films like “Do Bigha Zameen” and “Pyaasa”. He got his first major break in the film Parvarish in 1958. After Paravrish, Mehmood’s comic talent was recognized in the industry.
Song from Parvarish (1958)

His first breakthrough film as a comedian was Chhoti Behen in 1959. The movie also created one of the most successful comedy pairings of the sixties – Mehmood and Shubha Khote.Their next film was Sasural in 1961 which was hit and thus Jodi became super hit for years to come.
Here are some of the great songs of Mehmood and Shubha Khote

Song from Chhoti Bahen (1959).

Song from Sasural 1961

Song from Sasural 1961

Song from Grahasti (1963)

Song from Hamraahi 1963

Song from Ziddi (1964)

Song from Saanjh aur Sawera (1964),

Song from Beti Bete.1964

Song from Love In Tokyo (1966)

Song from Tumse Achha Kaun Hai (1969)

Friday, 29 September 2017

MEHMOOD-The Man Who Taught the Nation How to Laugh!

There were many  comedians in Bollywood before him.But he made the comedian’s role an integral part of the story line.Often the comedian’s plight proved more interesting than even the hero’s romance.For a brief period in the 1960s, thanks to him, comedy was king. And Mehmood was the uncrowned King of Comedy. A time came, when he was so much “in demand” that producers approached him, offering him full-length comedy films. He teamed up with  Shubha Khote,I S Johar and Kishore Kumar gave us some great comedy films.
Mehmood was the son of character-actor/dancer Mumtaz Ali and used to tag along with his father to the film studios. He began acting as a (reluctant) child actor. After he grew up, he pursued several odd jobs -- including that of a car driver.  For a short while, he was a chauffeur for director P.L. Santoshi. 
As an adult actor he first appeared in Guru Dutt’s suspense thriller – CID. After that, Guru Dutt gave him a small part in Pyaasa. After that he got his first noticeable “break” in Parvarish (1958), in which he landed a role as the brother of the hero, Raj Kapoor. His first breakthrough film as a comedian was Sasural, a melodramatic mega-success. The movie also created one of the most successful comedy pairings of the sixties – Mehmood and Shubha Khote. Both did more than 15 films together and gave many hit songs.The most famous films are Saural 1961,Dil Tera Diwana (1962),Hamrahi (1963) ,Grihasti (1963) ,Ziddi (1964),Love In Tokyo (1966) and Pockit Maar (1974).Mehmood and Shubha Khote gave fans endless hours of laugh riot,
SONGS of Mehmood and Shubha Khote
Song from Sasural 1961

Song from Dil Tera Diwana 1962

Song from Grihasti (1963)

Song from Beti Bete 1964

Song from Ziddi (1964)

Song from Love In Tokyo (1966)

SONGS of Mehmood and I S Johar
Both of them worked together in 8 films,first time they came together in 1954 film Nastik,this film was directed by I S Johar, Mehmood  at that time was not an established comedian.In 1965 both appeared as comedians in 2 films."Johar Mehmood in Goa" and "Namaste Ji".After that they came together in Johar Mehmood in Hong Kong.

Song from Johar Mehmood In Goa 1965

Song from Johar Mehmood In Hong Kong 1971

SONGS of Mehmood and Kishore Kumar
Both of them came together in 8 films ,the most popular are Pyar Kiye Ja,Saadhu Aur Shaitan.Padosan and Hungama

Scene from Saadhu Aur Shaitan 1968

Song from Padosan 1969

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Mehmood -A Comedy Genius

Mehmood was  the ‘King of Comedy’ undoubtedly.He was the only actor for whom the audience came to the theatre before the movie started. His huge fan following spoke of his dedication and talent. He was a superstar,his name helped producers sell their film in advance and his picture on the poster ensured that crowd turned up at the theatres.Many heroes of his time were insecure about sharing screen space with him. He was a star of Golden Era Of Bollywood.He was one of the few comedians who managed to deliver box-office hits with some films riding solely on his shoulders.His specialty was that he cracked a lot of impromptu jokes and that brought the audiences closer to him.As a Tribute on his13th Death anniversary I have selected 11 films that prove he was truly a genius.

Dil Tera Diwana - a 1962 Hindi comedy film. It stars Shammi KapoorMala SinhaMehmoodPran and Om Prakash. The music is by Shankar Jaikishan The music of the film was popular. Mehmood was given Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award for this film.

Gumnaam- a 1965 Indian Bollywood suspense thriller film, directed by Raja Nawathe, and starring Manoj KumarNandaPranHelen and Mehmood The music for the film was composed by Shankar-Jaikishan.Remember the song Hum Kale Hain To Kya Hua Dilwale acted by Mehmood,he was nominared for Filmfare for this film.Mehmood played Butler in this film.According to film expert Rajesh Subramanian,a cold war prevailed between Mehmood and Manoj Kumar during the making. The latter even tried to influence the director so as to discard the song 'Hum kaale hain toh kya hua' (picturised on Mehmood) from the film. However, the song was retained and it proved to be a smash hit and one of the highlights of the film

Pyar Kiye Ja -a 1966 Hindi film directed by C. V. Sridhar starring Kishore KumarShashi KapoorMehmoodOm PrakashMumtazKalpana and Rajasree. Mehmood was given Filmfare Award for this film.Mehmood acknowledged that Om Prakash, who played his father in the film,equally deserved the award and his fabulous reactions made the scenes more entertaining.

Love In Tokyo -a 1966 Hindi film that became a hit at the box office.The film stars Joy MukherjeeAsha ParekhPranMehmoodLalita PawarAsit Sen and Madan Puri. Music was by Shankar Jaikishan while Hasrat Jaipuri wrote the lyrics.Mehmood got Nomination for Best Performance in a Comic Role

Padosan- a 1968 hindi comedy film. Directed by Jyoti Swaroop. It was produced by Mehmood,The movie stars Sunil Dutt and Saira Banu in lead roles. Kishore KumarMukri, Raj Kishore and Keshto Mukherjee played the supporting roles. Mehmood as the South Indian musician and rival to Sunil Dutt is among the highlights of the film. It was considered as one of the best comedy movies ever made in Hindi film history. Mehmood's portrayal of a south Indian music teacher was one of his all time best 

Waris-1969 Hindi ActionComedy film, produced by Vasu Menon on Vasu Studios banner and directed by Ramanna. Starring JeetendraHema MaliniPrem ChopraMehmoodAruna Irani, in the lead roles and music composed by R. D. Burman.He was awarded Filmfare award for this film.

Humjoli - a 1970 Bollywood drama film, produced by Prasan Kapoor on Tirupati Pictures banner and directed by T. R. Ramanna. The film stars JeetendraLeena Chandavarkar in the lead roles and music is composed by Laxmikant PyarelalMehmood played a triple role in this movie as Prithviraj Kapoor,Raj Kapoor and Randhir kapoor.He got Filmfare Award for this film.

Paras -a 1971 Hindi film starring: Sanjeev KumarRaakheeMehmood, Farida JalalShatrughan SinhaMadan Puri.Mehmood playing as Munna Sarkar,was given Filmfare Award for this role.

Main Sunder Hoon-1971 Bollywood drama film directed by R. Krishnan and Nazir Hussain. The film stars Mehmood and Leena ChandavarkarMehmood played Sundar who works in a hotel.He is a very funny, uneducated man, with a suitably funny face, opposite to his name.He falls in love Leena Chandravarkar who often comes to the hotel, and Sunder happens to meet her and amuse her with funny jokes. 

Do Phool 1973 Indian Hindi-language comedy film directed by S. Ramanathan. The film stars Ashok KumarVinod Mehra and Mehmood .He played Double Role in this film as Pavitra Kumar Rai 'Puttan' / Mani

Kunwara Baap- a 1974 Hindi movie produced by Amarlal Chabria and directed by and starring Mehmood.It's a film with a serious message about polio vaccination. However, Mehmood did some comedy scenes in the film to earn a Filmfare nomination as Best Comic, the only nomination for the film.The hijra song "Saj Rahi Gali" sung by Mohd. Rafi topped the annual Binaca Geet Mala'