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Thursday, 24 January 2019

Teen Deviyan - A Film way ahead of its time.

Teen Deviyan was released in 1965. That was the era when ideal Hindi film heroes were largely variants of epic heroes Ram and Yudhishtir but here Dev Anand romancing with three heroines. The movie panders to the male ego as the three attractive women throwing themselves at Dev while he gently keeps stepping aside. The women want him but they were also willing to move on if it doesn't work.
Teen Devian starts off to a commentary by Ameen Sayani, as the camera moves through Calcutta's streets, the pretty Nanda (Nanda) finds herself, as she sees it, being followed. She even sees this man following her to the house where she visits. At this point, Nanda loses her temper and yells at Dev, threatening to call the police. The house owner clears the misunderstanding. After some time they fell in love.

Dev  Anand plays Dev Dutt who is a salesman in a music store in Calcutta. He also writes poems. One day he comes across a celebrated actress Kalpana (Kalpana) to whom he proves in their first confrontation that he is not overwhelmed by glamorous women and does not allow them to dominate him. In the course of a series of meetings, Kalpana also starts liking Dev.

The third Devi(heroine) comes to his life in the form of Radha Rani (Simmi), a socialite who is intelligent and an ardent music lover. Torn between his three beloveds, Dev has a tormented life which is a mixture of uncertainties, pathos and restlessness. He ultimately opts for the simple middle-class Nanda in whom he finds his real love and life partner.
Dev Anand as Dev Dutt is confident, smart and looks divine in his urban costumes many of which became trendsetters of that period. 

The highlight of the film is its music. The lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri tuned to immortality by S.D. Burman. All the six songs, “Aise To Na Dekho”, “Likha Hai Teri”, “Are Yaar Meri”, “Khwab Ho Ya”, “Kaye Be Khayal Hoke” and “Kitni Sardi” rendered by Mohammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle are super hits, well conceived and picturised. All the songs are listened and watched even now and create the same euphoria as at the time of its release. 

Teen Deviyan despite of great music and Dev Anand is at his peak was an average earner in Box Office. The reason being, it was given A certificate and was in Black & White, that time colour films were attraction The film was released on 1st Jan 1965

Song of Teen Deviyan 1965

Song of Teen Deviyan 1965

Song of Teen Deviyan 1965

Song of Teen Deviyan 1965

Song of Teen Deviyan 1965

Monday, 17 October 2016

Happy Birthday to SIMI GREWAL "The Lady in White".

Simi Garewal, popularly known as the lady-in-white is undoubtedly one of Bollywood's rarest gems. As this diva celebrates her Birthday today, let's take a look at why we absolutely love the enigma called Simi Garewal.

She  was born (17th Oct 1947)in MuktsarPunjab, India, in a Jat Sikh family.Her father, J. S. Garewal served in the Indian Armyrising to the rank of BrigadierAfter spending much of her childhood in England, Garewal returned to India while a teenager. Her felicity with the English language induced the makers of the English-language film Tarzan Goes to India to offer her a role. A gangly 15-year-old, Garewal made her debut alongside Feroz Khan in Raaz Ki Baat in 1962

During the 1960s and '70s, she was in several notable Indian films, working with leading directors such as Mehboob Khan's Son of IndiaRaj Kapoor in Mera Naam Joker (1970), She starred opposite Shashi Kapoor in Columbia PicturesSiddhartha, an English-language movie based on the novel by Hermann Hesse. Garewal did a nude scene in this film which caused some controversy in India.

 Simi has always been ahead of her times. In an era where actresses even refused to kiss, Simi never hesitated from flaunting her svelte figure if the role demanded that. Her immaculate dressing sense was an inspiration for many
.Garewal had her first serious relationship at the age of 17, with then Maharaja of Jamnagar, who was also her neighbor in England.Garewal was married to Ravi Mohan of Chunnamal family from old Delhi but her marriage was short and she is now divorced
She won 2 Filmfare Awards as Best Supporting Actress Award – Do Badanin 1966 and for Saathi 1968,Indian Television Academy Award for Best Anchor in 2003

Songs from SIMI'S Films

Song from Teen Deviyan 1965

Song from Johar Mehmood in Goa 1966

Song from Mera Naam Joker 1970

Song from  Seema 1971

Song from  Saath 1968

Song from Chalte Chalte 1976

Song from Karz 1980