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Thursday, 28 March 2019

S N TripathI - A Forgotten Music Director

Shri Nath Tripathi (14 December 1912 – 28 March 1988) was an Indian composer, whose active years were from the 1930s to the 1980s. Tripathi's multi-faceted work range included being a composer, writer, actor, and director of films. 
His first film as a composer was Chandan (1942). He continued to compose for films like Janam Janam Ke Phere (1957), where the song "Zara Saamne Toh Aao Chhaliye" became the top Binaca Geetmala song. The famous song "Na Kisi Ki Aankh Ka Noor Hoon" was also composed by him.
Tripathi turned to direction in 1957 starting with Rani Roopmati. Two of his films with 7Nirupa Roy and Bharat BhushanRani Roopmati (1959) and Kavi Kalidas (1959), are cited as having "cinematic merit" and "unforgettable music"
Here are some of the great songs by this forgotten composer
Song of Janam Janam Ke Phere (1957)

Song of Rani Roopmati (1957)

Song of Chandra Mukhi (1960)

Song of Lal Quila (1961)

Song of Lal Quila (1961)

Song of Sangeet Samrat Tansen (1962)