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Wednesday, 26 December 2018

The Great Romantic Songs Associated with Moon

My blogs on the theme songs are very well appreciated by the readers. In this blog I am taking a few romantic songs associated with the moon.Moon has fascinated and charmed the poets and the lovers alike. Poets have turned into lovers and lovers have turned into poets because of its beauty. Perhaps the moon may be the coolest thing a man can perceive in his life, besides his lady love. From Shakespeare to our Bollywood lyricists — all do mention a lovely romantic moonlit night in their creations. 
The silence and the beauty of the moon have that flirtatious effect on everyone.
Here are few such songs from the  Golden Era Hindi films.

Song of Dillagi 1949

Song of Lav Kush (1951)

Song of House No 44 1955

Song of Shatranj 1956

Song of  Navrang 1958

Song of Anari 1959

Song of  Barkha 1959

Song of Chaudhavin Ka Chand 1960

Song of Asli Naqli (1962)

Song of Aashiq 1962

Song of  Phool Bane Angaare,1963,

Song of  Dil Ek Mandir,1963,

Song of Mahabharat 1965

Song of Lal Bangla 1966

Song of  Padosan 1968

Song of  Reshma Aur Shera 1971

Song of Pakeezah (1972)