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Saturday, 2 May 2020

50 Years of Sachaa Jhutha

Released 50 years ago on 1st May 1970 was a blockbuster film. It was the second-highest grosser of the year. It was an action-comedy film directed by Manmohan Desai. Rajesh Khanna was the hero with a double role as Ranjith & Bhola. The performance of Rajesh Khanna was critically acclaimed and he won the Filmfare Best Actor Award for 1971.
This film was initially offered to Shashi Kapoor but he refused the film because he did not want to work with Mumtaz. At the time Mumtaz was working in a lot of B Grade stunt films. Shashi did not want to work with a small heroine.

Bhola (Rajesh Khanna) is an innocent band musician who lives with his physically challenged sister Belu(Naaz) in a village. He needs more money for his sister's marriage and he sets off to Bombay. In Bombay, there is a wealthy Jewel Merchant as well as a smuggler Ranjit who is a look-alike of Bhola is suspected by the police 

inspector Pradhan(Vinod Khanna). The inspector has no evidence and searches for that. He creates a plan with Rita (Mumtaz) to attract Ranjith and to know his secret plans.
Bhola and Ranjit paths cross at a costume party Bhola in his original costume of a band player surprises Ranjit, he immediately conceives a plan. He takes Bhola to his place and reveals himself. He convinces Bhola to act like Ranjith in front of society as he is suffering from cancer and requires treatment. Until his return from treatment, Bhola has to make trust with everybody that he is Ranjith. Actually, Ranjith makes him himself so that he can continue with his diamond smuggling, meanwhile, there will not be any evidence, as Bhola is going to be Ranjith everywhere. But he did not reveal the reason for him. He also promises that he would give money for his sister's marriage. Innocent Bhola believes him and agrees to the plan.

Ranjith's girlfriend Ruby (Faryal) trains Bhola to be like Ranjith. In the meantime, Ranjith continues his underground work of diamond smuggling. And Inspector Pradhan cannot come to a conclusion. Rita moves intimately with Bhola thinking of him as Ranjith, but Bhola falls in love with her. 
During this time in the village, Bhola's sister loses everything due to heavy floods, decides to go to Bombay along with her dog to search for Bhola.
Pradhan meets Belu and helps her to reach the place. Belu is misguided by some men regarding the whereabouts of her brother and tries to exploit her, but Pradhan saves her from them and takes her to his home. Ruby, who follows Belu to Pradhan's house informs Ranjith about her. Ranjith, posing like her brother, goes to Pradhan's home and takes her with him.

Finally, Bhola unravels Ranjit's evil designs and threatens exposure, but is restrained by Belu's captivity. After a series of gunfights, fisticuffs, helicopter landings, dog chases (animal rights activists will feel tormented at the plight of Moti) both Bhola and Ranjit are arrested.
It’s a fun film with Rajesh doing an excellent job differentiating between the two characters. His chemistry with gorgeous Mumtaz as always is great, one year earlier both came together in a super hit film Do Raste and Bandhan.
Another highlight of the film is its music. All the songs were hit especially "Meri Pyari Behaniya Banegi Dulhania". Kalyanji Anandji gave the music with lyrics by Indivar, Gulshan Bawra, and Qamar Jalabadi,

Songs of Sacha Jhutha
1"Karle Pyar Karle Aankhen Chaar"Asha Bhosle
2"Dil Ko Dekho Chehra Na Dekho"Kishore Kumar
3"Meri Pyari Behaniya (Version 1)"Kishore Kumar
4"Meri Pyari Behaniya (Version 2)"Kishore Kumar
5"Meri Pyari Behaniya (Version 3)"Kishore Kumar
6"Yunhi Tum Mujhse Baat Karti Ho"Lata MangeshkarMohammed Rafi
7"Ho Kehdo Kehdo"Lata MangeshkarKishore Kumar

Song of Sachaa Jhutha 1970

Song of Sachaa Jhutha 1970

Song of Sachaa Jhutha 1970

Song of Sachaa Jhutha 1970

Song of Sachaa Jhutha 1970

Thursday, 16 April 2020

50 Years of the film Khilona

Khilona, produced by L.V. Prasad under the Prasad Productions Pvt. Ltd. banner and directed by Chander Vohra. It stars JeetendraMumtazSanjeev Kumar in lead roles was released on 8th April 1970.
With this film, 3 prominent Stars of the future emerged in Bollywood. Mumtaz as a top heroine of the 70s, Sanjeev Kumar as Hero and Shatrughan Sinha as top Villain.
Mumtaz, who had risen from the ranks to make a mark in “Do Raaste” just a year before gave a stunning performance. She won the Filmfare Best Actress Award for this film. Sanjeev Kumar, who did many films earlier had to wait for more than a decade to make his mark in “Khilona”. He was nominated as the Best Actor. Shatrughan Sinha — showing glimpses of the characteristics that were to become his trademark in later years.

The film was a super hit. The film received six nominations at the 18th Filmfare Awards in 1971, of which it won the Filmfare Best Movie Award and Filmfare Best Actress Award for Mumtaz. Other nominations were for Best Actor (Sanjeev Kumar), Best Comic (Jagdeep), Best Story (Gulshan Nanda) and Best Male Playback Singer (Mohammed Rafi).
Sanjeev Kumar who plays Vijay Kamal is a son of a rich Thakur, who lost his mind.
 because his lover Sapna marries his neighbor Bihari (Shatrughan Sinha) and then she commits suicide on the night of the Diwali party hosted by Bihari. This incident puts Vijay in shock. Thakur believes that if Vijay gets married, his mental health would improve. He hence approaches a tawaif, Chand (Mumtaz) to pretend to be Vijay's wife and thus help him get better. which she accepts. Once, in a fit of madness, Vijay sexually assaults Chand. But later, Chand becomes very friendly with Vijay and that starts improving his condition.
Bihari had an eye for Chand, he wants to have an affair with her. He makes a plan for that but Chand does not let Bihari's plan work.

Jeetendra has a small role, he plays Mohan, the younger brother of Sanjeev Kumar also loves Chand but is heartbroken when he finds out that she is pregnant (owing to the assault) and is carrying Vijay's child. Dejected, he leaves home without notice.
Vijay whose mental condition was improving day by day once had a fight with Bihari, In this fight, Bihari falls off the terrace and this shocks Vijay, curing him of his mental ailment. His memory returns but now he doesn't recognize Chand. She is now is thrown out of the house by the other members of the family who were opposed to her since the beginning.

Jeetendra now steps in and accuses everyone of treating her like a toy and only using her when needed. He reveals how she saved Radha(Their sister) from Bihari's evil pursuits. It is also revealed that Chand was actually born in a noble family and was only raised as a tawaif as she was found alone after a train accident. The family thus accepts Chand and all ends well.
The film had first-rate music, with some blockbuster songs, including “Sanam Tu Bewafa ke naam se”, sung by Lata Mangeshkar, and the two Rafi numbers, “Khush Rahe Tu Sada” and “Khilona Jaankar Tum”
Song of Khilona 1970

Song of Khilona 1970

Song of Khilona 1970

Song of Khilona 1970

Thursday, 4 October 2018

The Most Intimate Love Making Scene of Dev Anand

Could you believe that how an Intimate Lovemaking Scene has a touch of spirituality in it? It was made possible by the great Vijay Anand in  1972 film Tere Mere Sapne. The scene was picturised on Dev Anand and Mumtaz who played Husband & Wife in the film.
Vijay Anand told in an interview, " It was one of the most difficult scenes I have ever shot. It was a love scene between my elder brother, Dev Anand, and Mumtaz. I was nervous about explaining the scene to him because I was so much younger. I just couldn't bring myself to tell him my requirements. So I rang up Mumtaz and explained it to her instead. How the wife's health is in danger, how the couple has fought and how the fight culminates in intimate love-making that almost has a touch of spirituality to it.The highlight of this sequence is the song Mere antar ik mandir hai tera hai tera piya,  sung by Lata Mangeshkar played in the background. Though the song is romantic but it appears as a devotional song.
Those who've seen this incredible example of Vijay's creativity will agree that the scene remains a highlight due to Lata's unbelievably sensitive rendition!
The film was based on the “The Citadel” a novel by A.J. Cronin, first published in 1937. Staying clear of a didactic approach, Anand had managed to spin together an engrossing tale of a doctor – Dev as Dr Anand! – and his experience in rural India where he finds medical amenities elementary at best. Here he meets a school teacher played by Mumtaz.who helps Anand in his work.
The two get married too but not all stays fine for ever. On false charges, the doctor is shunted out, and the two have to relocate to Bombay which gives the director an opportunity to throw in a love triangle along the way – utterly forgettable Hema Malini as a big star here.
 Dev Anand and Mumtaz seem to share a rare chemistry where they say a lot with their silence, and only a little less with their words.
Song of Tere Mere Sapne 1971