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Monday, 29 April 2019

Interesting Hindi Film Songs With Question and Answer

Have you ever noticed that there are some Hindi songs which ask questions and the answer is given by the hero or heroine?. This theme came into my mind when I was watching the old movie Chori Chori. The song Jahan Main Jaati Hoon...Yeh To Batao Ki Tum Mere Kaun Ho from this film made me think of writing this blog on this theme.
Songs based on ‘Riddles’ (Paheli in Hindi) used to be quite popular in the Golden Era of Hindi Film Music and a few of them are still played in children programs in schools.
The oldest hit song in this theme came into my mind from the film Anmol Ghadi "Awaaz De Kahan Hai, Duniya Meri. Jawaan Hai sung by Noorjehan and Surendra. Another hit song "Ichak Dana Bichak Dana, Dane Upar Dana from Shri 420 also fit in this theme.
Here are many such hit songs in this post.
Song of Anmol Ghadi 1946

Song of Shri 420 (1955)

Song of Chori Chori 1956

Song of NAU DO GYARAH 1957

Song of Pyaasa 1957

Song of Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (1958)

Song of Sasural - 1961

Song of Sangam 1964

Song of Milan 1967

Song of Aradhana 1969

Song of Aan Milo Sajna 1970

Song of Sachaa Jhutha 1970

Song of Kal Aaj Aur Kal 1971

Song of Kathputli 1971

Song of Mera Naam Joker - 1972

Song of Apradh 1972