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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Baat Ek Raat Ki - The Songs keep you entertained.

The 1962 film has music by Sachin Dev Burman, who gave some memorable songs in the films such as "Na Tum Hamen Jano", sung by Hemant Kumar, "Akela Hoon Main Is Duniya Mein", by Mohammad Rafi, and the hit Qawwali, "Kisne Chilman Se Mara Nazara Mujhe", by Manna Dey.
The film directed by Shankar Mukherjee, starring Dev AnandWaheeda Rehman and Johnny Walker.

The story of Neela (Waheeda Rehman) is in police custody for committing a murder, which she believes she did. But her mother cried foul and pleads with Rajesh (Dev Anand) to fight her case.

 It is during one of her suicide-trials that she comes across Rajesh. This happy go-lucky lawyer saves her from drowning and slowly gets to know more about her. He learns that this woman has lost the will to live. He requests the warden of the jail where Neela is to let her go with him to a mental institution to be treated for depression. He also visits her home and finds out that there are many loose ends to the case. The doctor asks Rajesh to pretend that he in love with her so that she feels happy and rejuvenated again.

While Rajesh and Neela romance each other, S D Burman's songs keep you entertained.there are many memorable songs well picturised.There is Johny walker to entertain you.
 Dev Anand as a lawyer, sure did do things a wee bit differently. And, though the film was saved at the last moment by the clever inclusion of the smart antics by the director (the funny scenes by Johny Walker and the benevolence by Manmohan Krishna).