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Friday, 19 June 2020

50 Years of Heer Ranjha

This legendary tale of love, written in the 16th century by Warris Shah in poetry. Chetan Anand chose to make this film in that form only. He selected the great poet of that time Kaifi Azmi. He created lines not only for the leads, played by Raaj Kumar and Priya Rajvansh but for the rest of the ensemble cast which included  PranPrithviraj KapoorAjitJayant, etc. 
A unique film told in verse, written by Kaifi Azmi and directed by Chetan Anand. Poetry on celluloid never attempted before and after. The film has immortal music by Madan Mohan, another beauty of the film was its photography.inspired by the paintings of Sobha Singh, a legendary painter from Punjab, the imagery of the film is wonderful. thanks to the cinematic genius of cinematographer Jal Mistry.
Told in a Romeo and Juliet style, the story concerns relative differences that rip apart childhood darlings Heer and Deedho, so Heer goes away to exist an unspecified life as a laborer.

Priya Rajvansh and Raaj Kumar both gave good performances in their respective parts as the title characters Heer and Raanja, Beside them, there are fine performances to be had from Pran, Ajit and Prithviraj Kapoor in their respective parts as Chhote Chaudhary, Saida, and the King. 

The film released on 19th June 1970 was a moderate success in the Box office.
The film  starts with an introductory Nazm by Kaifi Azmi, recited by Films Director "Chetan Anand :
"Dard Punjab ke seene se chura laya Hun Chand tukde tere waris ke utha laya hun Aag meri na sahi iska dhuan mera hai Heer Ranjha ki kahani hai bayan mera hai ....
Chetan Anand screen-tested Zeenat Aman for a supporting role in the film. But during the audition, Zeenat's Urdu was very terrible. Chetan ended up not signing Zeenat. It was the first time that Chetan Anand worked with Raj Kumar, who was known for his dialogue delivery
Songs of Heer Ranjha

SongSinger (s)
Do Dil Toote Do Dil HaareLata Mangeshkar
Milo Na Tum ToLata Mangeshkar
Nache Ang VeJagjit Kaur, Shamshad Begum
Doli Chadte HeerLata Mangeshkar
Meri Duniya Mein Tum AayiLata MangeshkarMohammed Rafi
Tere Kooche Mein Tera DiwanaMohammed Rafi
Ye Duniya Yeh MehfilMohammed Rafi

Song of Heer Ranjha 1970

Song of Heer Ranjha 1970

Song of Heer Ranjha 1970

Song of Heer Ranjha 1970

Song of Heer Ranjha 1970

Song of Heer Ranjha 1970

Thursday, 11 June 2020

Tarzans of Bollywood

Tarzan is a fictional character created by the fictional writer Edgar Rice Burroughs in the novel "Tarzan of the Apes" published in 1914. The first Tarzan film was a silent film released in 1918, With the advent of talking pictures, a popular Tarzan movie franchise was developed.  Starting with Tarzan the Ape Man in 1932 through twelve films until 1948, the franchise was anchored by former Olympic swimmer Johnny Weissmuller in the title role.
In India, the first Tarzan film was TOOFANI TARZAN  produced by Wadia Brothers in 1937 It starred John Cawas as Tarzan. This film went on to become the studio’s biggest grosser. Wadia also made Tarzan an Indian man and never again was his Indian-ness challenged. He always sang and danced and spoke fluent Hindi before the interval.

The next Tarzan film was Zimbo released in 1958. Homi Wadia now created an Indian Tarzan, it was a remake of Toofani Tarzan This time the role was played by Azad, he made a much better Tarzan than Cawas. Perhaps, the reason behind choosing Azad to play Tarzan was his resemblance to WeissmullerThis film became a hit, Azad did many Tarzan films in the 60s. In fact, many Tarzan films were made in the 60s.
Zimbo was a 1958 Hindi action-adventure film directed by Homi Wadia and produced by Basant Pictures. The film starred Azad, Krishna Kumari, Chitra, Achala Sachdev
Professor Chakravarty and his wife Uma (Achala Sachdev) live with their four-year-old son in the jungle where he carries out experiments. He has discovered the formula to prevent aging. Adversity strikes when their house is attacked by lions, killing him, while his wife goes mad with grief. The professor's son goes missing in the melee. The story then follows the arrival of several people seventeen years later from the city. One of them is the Professor's brother who has traveled to the jungle with his daughter in search of the missing formula and to look for the professor's son. There are villains in the group of people, wanting the formula for their own purposes. Chakravarty's son Zimbo has been brought up by the apes and the story takes a turn when they try to relocate him with Dada (Pedro the Chimpanzee) to the city.
In 1962 Navshakti films came out with the earlier title Toofani Tarzan with Azad playing the Tarzan role. 

The story was different here the Explorers searching for a hidden treasure encounter the titular jungle man (Azad) who refuses to let them pass through his forest. When Tarzan falls in love with Sushma (Shanta Kumari), one of the travelers, the magician Samri, who is also a part of the group, creates a duplicate of the woman in an effort to overpower Tarzan. 
By this time Azad has typecast the Tarzan or Zimbo. He was many offers to play this role in the forthcoming films. The next in line was TARZAN AUR JADUGAR released in 1963.
This film was produced by Nattu and directed by Radhakant The story of this film has another angle of a magician. Magic was a hot subject in the 60s This film had both the interesting subject of that era. In this film, Tarzan is referred to as the king of the beasts, who lives in the forest of fairies, and of an evil sorceress who wants to control it.
Khanna, his wife Kamla, and their little son Tony start out on a sea voyage only to face tragedy when the ship sinks, flinging each of the three onto different parts of massive jungle land.  Khanna becomes a laborer for a contractor in the jungle. Kamla meets a lady magician named Rooplekha, who she grows to love as a daughter. And little Tony is rescued by a fairy from Paristan and placed in the loving hands of the animals of the jungle and grows up to be known as Tarzan (Azad). 

Another Tarzan film released in 1963 was Tarzan Aur Gorilla, directed by Pyarelal for hind Films. The main lead remains the same Azad as Tarzan and Chitra, his love interest but in this film, the highlight was given to  Pedro the Chimpanzee 

In 1964 three Tarzan films were released and in all the three films Azad played the role of Tarzan. Director Radhakant once again comes with Azad as Tarzan in the 1964 film "Tarzan Aur Jalpari "
In this film, Tarzan is saved by a “Jalpari” played by Chitra. In the end, it is Tarzan’s turn to help the Jalpari who has become the victim of a notorious magician. 

The second Tarzan film of 1964 was "Tarzan And Delilah" produced by Heera Sawant, A. Shamsheer, and directed by A Shamsheer with the same star cast, Azad as Tarzan and Chitra as Delilah.
Tarzan is in love with Princess Delilah, a captive of the evil queen Laila, who has her eyes on the beefy jungle hero. Sunanda and Fernades who was thrown from a vessel, land on an island inhabited by Tarzan (Azad). Tarzan and Zippy to free Delilah and the other lasses who are being held against their will behind the “magic door” belonging to Queen Laila.

TARZAN AND CAPTAIN KISHORE was the third Tarzan film of 1964 with similar leading pair. Azad and Chitra.
Three young boys become separated during a shipwreck. One grows up to be a jungle man named Tarzan, another becomes a ship’s captain named Kishore, while the third, William turns into a smuggler. The story is about stealing valuable scientific formulas. 

In 1965 three Tarzan films were released, this time Dara Singh appeared as Tarzan with Mumtaz as his heroine in Tarzan comes to Delhi. This film was produced by Surinder Kapoor, the father of Anil Kapoor and Boney Kapoor. The film was an average in Bollywood but the audience liked Dara Singh as Tarzan.
This film was a remake of TARZAN’S NEW YORK ADVENTURE (1942).  Rekha (Mumtaz), and her professor father go to a jungle with a guide Shekhar played by Sidhu, who steals a priceless necklace off of a tribal idol. The tribesmen blame the theft on the interlopers and threaten the life of the professor until it is returned. With Tarzan’s help, Rekha and her father search for the gem and it takes them from the wilderness to the big city of Delhi where the jungle man experiences a mighty big case of culture shock.

The second film was "Tarzan and Kingkong", in this film Tarzan is played by Randhawa, the younger brother of Dara Singh. Dara Singh appears in this film in a Guest appearance. The highlight of this film was the role of Kingkong played by himself.
This film was produced by A Jaiswal and directed by A Shamsheer, who earlier directed "Tarzan And Delilah" with Azad as Tarzan, now take Randhawa as Tarzan. A jungle queen (Bela Bose) captures the survivors of a plane crash, planning to sacrifice them to the goddess Bali. Tarzan (Randhawa) intervenes and in the process falls in love with Sharmila (Mumtaz), one of the stranded passengers.
The queen teams up with her commander, Romi (Shyam Kumar), and a strong-man named King Kong (King Kong), to destroy Tarzan and his lady love.

The third Tarzan film was "Tarzan and Circus" with Azad once again as Tarzan. This film was produced by S.J.Rajdeo and directed by Shiv Kumar with Chitra as the heroine.
IN this film we see a ringmaster of a circus who has lost his only son; Bimla, a love-hungry circus owner; and Keshav (Mohan Sherry), the wicked circus manager whose goal is to gain Bimla’s wealth and possess Malti’s youth. Malti is played by Chitra. 

In 1966 three Tarzan films released. The first release was Tarzan Aur Herculis produced by Herculis and directed by Mahmood, not the comedian Mehmood. The other film was Tiger And Jadui Chirag and the third was Tarzan Ki Mehbooba
Azad once again appears as Tarzan, his life is in danger, both from monsters created by a magician who is searching the jungle for a buried treasure and by royals who have discovered that the jungle man is the lost heir to a kingdom they have overthrown

D R Films Tarzan Ki Mehbooba was directed by Ram Rasila. In this film, Tabassum was the heroine of Tarzan played once again by Azad.
Tarzan loves a jungle nymph named Nimoni (Tabassum), who is the daughter of a tribal chief, Tomoki. The tribe’s witch doctor, Limo, wishes for Nimoni to become his bride, and to help make that happen he murders Timoki and takes over as chief. He then sets out to destroy Tarzan’s peaceful rule of the jungle.

In 1968 another Tarzan film released, directed by Sushil Gupta with once again Azad as Tarzan in Tarzan In Fairyland
The star cast includes Azad, Indira, Shyam Kumar, Amar, Ram Kumar, Ram Mohan, Sheikh, The story about a professor and his daughter (Indira), who are in search for a treasure thought to belong to a civilization that was buried during an earthquake thousand of years before. They run afoul of a mad magician, who captures the group. Tarzan came to rescue them from the magician and help them to find the treasure.

In 1970, a new Indian Tarzan was introduced, this time the great wrestler Master Chandagiram( Hind Kesri 1962 and 1968). The film was produced by Radhakant, who earlier a Tarzan film in 1963.
Tarzan (Chandgi Ram) takes to task a band of gold smugglers while at the same time falling in love with the gang leader’s pretty daughter, Rama (Shabnam).
Slowly the attraction of Tarzan was fading new characters were emerging like Rambo or Rocky. It took 15 years for Tarzan to reappear in 1985 film TARZAN (aka: ADVENTURES OF TARZAN)
The film directed by B Subhash, starring Hemant BirjeDalip TahilKimi Katkar, and Om Shivpuri. The film was successful commercially. The film was much talked about in its time, mainly due to the steamy scenes between the lead actors and popular hit songs. 
Like earlier films here also A small boy, lost in the jungle, becomes the ward of the jungle animals and grows up to become Tarzan (Hemant Birje). He was found by Dr. Sethi and his daughter, Ruby (Kimi Katkar) whom he saves. They fall in love. 
Ruby's dad and D.K plan to capture Tarzan and take him to work for the Apollo Circus, owned by Krishnakant Verma. Tarzan is captured before Tarzan and Ruby's romance could take wing. Tarzan is chained and taken to the circus and made to spend the rest of his days performing various acts, 

17 years later The sequel of the above movie named Tarzan Ki Beti was released in 2002. Tarzan was played by Hemant Birje. This movie was released in 2002 under the banner of Kusum Art International as a sequel of the Adventures of Tarzan
The star cast includes Hemant Birje, Ritika Singh, Gouri Varma, Raza Murad, Dhananjay (Junior Dharmendra) which was a look-alike of Dharmendra. Hemant Nirje plays Tarzan and Ritika Singh plays his daughter.
Dhananjay Singh plays Arjun, he loves an orphan girl Kiran.  When they are about to be married. Kiran knows from her mother that her father is Tarzan. Kiran also has a sister, Aarti who still lives in the jungle. Some hunters try to catch Arti in the jungle. A forest ranger helps Aarti to reunite with her family. 

In 2004 a film was released Tarzan and Wonder Car starring Ajay Devgan. The film was not a Tarzan film but there was car named as Tarzan. Ajay Devgan plays Deven who was an Automobile engineer who possessed this car. He was killed by four of his friends to grab this car. Ultimately this car was purchased by Deven's son after many years.  Deven's spirit possesses Taarzan and starts killing all the gentlemen responsible for the murder, including Inspector Sanjay Sharma. Since the car now belongs to Raj, he becomes a suspect in eyes of Inspector Khurana (Gulshan Grover)

Songs of Tarzan

Song of Toofani Tarzan 1937

Song of Zimbo 1958

Song of Tarzan Aur Jadugar 1964

Song of Tarzan Comes to Delhi 1965

Song of Tarzan 1985

Song of Tarzan 1985

Monday, 1 June 2020

Bollywood Songs Picturized in Foreign Location

It is believed that Sangam 1964 was the first film shot in Foreign but on researching, I have found that Naaz(1954) was the first Bollywood film shot in Foreign Locations. The film starring Ashok Kumar and Nalini Jaywant. This movie was shot in England and Egypt. 
In 1960, two films Bewqoof starring Kishore Kumar and Singapore starring Shammi Kapoor had songs picturized in Italy and Singapore.
There was another film "Hongkong" released in 1962 was shot in HongKong and Singapore. A couple of songs were picturized on Helen and Om Prakash. Yes, it is true it was Raj Kapoor's Sangam that popularized  Rome, Venice, Vatican, Switzerland.
In the 60s films like An Evening In Patis, Love In Tokyo, and Humsaya encouraged more producers and directors to shoot songs on foreign locations. Yash Chopra had a fascination for picturizing songs on foreign locations starting from the evergreen  'Dekha Ek Khwab....' song from his 1981 film 'Silsila' in the Netherlands, and his film 'Faasle' (1985), in Switzerland. 
The video of Naaz 1954 film is not available so the first song of my this blog is from the film Bewqoof 1960 which was picturized on Kishore Kumar and Mala Sinha. The sing was picturized in Italy. This song was sung by Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhonsle, with one line in Manna Dey’s voice, slipped in.
Song of Bewqoof 1960

Singapore (1960) was an Eagle Films Production movie. It was produced by F C Mehra and directed by Shakti Samanta. the movie had Shammi Kapoor, Padmini,A couple of songs were picturized in Singapore

Song of Singapore 1960

Hongkong 1962. This film was produced by the actor Omprakash
The song is picturized on Helen where she is seen wooing Omprakash.on a beach in Singapore.
Song of Hongkong 1962

Sangam was the first film that was shot in Switzerland. the famous multi-lingual song in the voice of Vivian Lobo. The song is built from the lines ‘I Love You’ said in five different languages. English, Russian.German, and French. The song was picturized in the background when Raj Kapoor and Vijyantimala visit Europe after their marriage. 

Song of Sangam 1964

The success of Sangam and the craze of the Indian public to see the foreign locations encouraged Indian filmmakers to shoot or picturise songs..
 Love in Tokyo was one of those rare Hindi films of the 60s that was set almost completely in Japan, and it had several songs that were shot outdoors. 

Song of Love In Tokyo 1966

“Around the world” (1967) was another film of the 69s, many songs were picturized in this film,this song Dunia Ki Sair Karlo was shot in the USA 

Song of Around the world” (1967)

An Evening In Paris is a 1967 film that revolves in the French capital city of Paris. The movie stars Shammi KapoorSharmila Tagore The title song was picturized in Patis, Another song Akele Akele Kahan Ja Rahe Ho was shot in Switzerland.

Song of  An Evening In Paris 1967

Song of  An Evening In Paris 1967

In 1967 another film Aman was released which was shot in Japan. There was a song picturized on Rajendra Kumar and Saira Bano

Song of  Aman 1967

The film ‘Spy In Rome’ was released in 1968, starring  Dev Kumar, Jaimala, Rajendra Nath, A couple of songs were picturized in the beautiful and historic city of Rome. We can see Dev Kumar and Jaimala strolling through the streets of Rome,
Song of Spy In Rome 1968 

1968  popular song De Data Ke Naam from Aankhen was shot in Beirut

Song of Aankhen 1968

The 1970 film Prem Pujari was Dev Anand's first film as director, the song " Pholon Ke Rang Se" was shot in Switzerland.  Grimsel Hotel can be seen in Background.

Song of Prem Pujari 1970 

Purab Aur Paschim  was also 1970 film, one song of this film "Koi Jab  Tumhara Hridaya Tod De"   this song was actually filmed at Oxford University in London

Song of Purab Aur Paschim 1970

In 1972 actor Feroz Khan turned into Producer, Director with the release of Apradh starring Mumtaz and himself. It was the first Hindi film introducing Formula One Car racing. This film was shot in Germany. A couple of songs were shot in Europe
Song of Apradh 1972

In 1974 Dharmatma was the second film of Feroz Khan as producer and director. This film was shot in Afganistan. This song was shot in  Bamyan Valley. 

Song of Dharmatma 1975

More songs in Part 2

Saturday, 23 May 2020

The Invisble Men of Bollywood

The idea of invisibility has always fascinated cine-goers. The idea of an invisible man originated from the novel by H. G Wells published in 1897. The first movie in this novel was made in 1933 in Hollywood by Universal Studio. Since then many films are made on this subject. 
The invisible man has been a runaway success in Bollywood too. This formula has wowed the masses through the generations in Hindi Film Industry. The first film on this subject was made in 1938 as "Mr. X", produced and directed by Vijay Bhatt. The second film was also Mr. X in 1957 played by Ashok Kumar. The third film was "Mr. X in Bombay" released in 1964. Another film on this subject was Mr. India in 1989.
It is definitely a very cool superpower to possess and the success of all these films only shows that this subject is a money-spinner.
Mr. X (1957)
Song of Mr X 1957
Sippy films made Mr.X in 1957, starring Ashok Kumar, Nalini Jaywant, Pran and Johny Walker, produced by G.P.Sippy, Directed by Nanabhai Bhatt, Music by N.Dutta and Lyrics by Majrooh, Hasrat, Tanvir Naqvi and Bharat Vyas.
The film was made in a small budget and was a hit. The song Laal Laal Gaal picturized on Johny  Walker was a super hit.

Mr. X in Bombay (1964)

Song of Mr. X in Bombay (1964) 
A comedy film directed by Shantilal Soni featuring Kishore Kumar, Kum Kum. The music for this film was composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal and lyrics were penned by Anand Bakshi and Asad Bhopali. The song "Mere Mehboob Qayamat Hogi" of this movie became an evergreen hit.

Elaan  (1971 )

Song of Elaan  (1971 )
Its F C Mehra's film, directed by K. Ramanlal. The film stars Vinod MehraRekhaVinod Khanna, and  Madan Puri. The character played by Vinod Mehra finds himself locked in a cellar alongside an old man who claimed to have invented an ''atomic ring'', which can make a person invisible. He gives it to Mehra by literally tearing off his leg and extracting the ring, which the latter has to supposedly put in his mouth and take off all his clothes to turn invisible. The film was an average hit.

Me. India (1987)

Song of Mr India 1987
 Mr. India remains a cult classic in India. It had all the ingredients of an entertainer and the formula was bang on. T.Produced by Boney Kapoor and directed by Shekhar Kapoor, based on a screenplay written by Salim-Javed. It stars Sridevi and Anil Kapoor in the lead roles. Amrish Puri, as Mogambo. The film was the second highest-grossing Indian film of 1987 

Chamatkar (1992)

Song of Chamatkar (1992)
It's an F C Mehra's film directed by Rajiv Mehra. It cast Naseeruddin ShahShah Rukh Khan and Urmila Matondkar in pivotal roles. The film was quite popular among children.  The film had Shah Rukh Khan as a cricket coach and Naseeruddin Shah as the 'ghost' who was killed and buried in the same cemetery, where a homeless Shah Rukh seeks refuge

Gayab  ( 2004 )

Song of Gayab  ( 2004 )
 Produced by Ram Gopal Verma, It stars Tusshar Kapoor and Antara Mali as the lead protagonists. The film became a moderate box office success. There is nothing new to Gayab. The invisibility trick was slicker in Mr. India. The film contains the antics of Vishnu enjoying his invisibility and trying to win Mohini’s heart (with the insertion of a side-plot here and there).

Mr. X (2015)

This Emraan Hashmi-starrer wasn`t well-received by the audiences despite made in 3D. The actor played a dedicated government officer, who gets charred in a factory during an assignment and is given an untested potion by his friend's sister, which causes a complete cell regeneration from the scratch causing him to become invisible in all lights except neon light and direct sunlight.