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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

The Great Car Songs of Golden Era of Bollywood

A few weeks ago I posted a blog on Bicycle songs of Bollywood, that post had 4000 views in a day. Looking at the popularity of the theme songs, I am posting today another theme, the Car songs of Bollywood.
Like bicycles, cars have featured in many songs. All the songs would have to take place for at least 50% in a moving car. You would be surprised to note that Dev Anand did many Car songs in Bollywood films. Next to Dev Anand was Shammi Kapoor and Guru Dutt.
When I started researching the earliest car song I got a song of the film "Grahsthi released in 1948 the song was " O Motor Waali Chhori, Dil Le Ja Chori Chori " The song was sung by Shamshad Begum and Hamida Bano,  the male voice is not identified. It's a fun song, it's a song about motor cars and their owners. And how the other people react to them in the 40s. Not only that it is a very interesting give and take, but also captures the arrogance of the motor car owners. And mind you, we are being presented these thoughts from an era when owning a motor car itself was a rare thing.
Song of Grahsthi) (1948) Audio only

Taxi Driver was released in 1954 and the car song Chahe Koi Khush Ho Chahe Koi Gaaliyan De was very popular

Song of Taxi Driver 1954

Yeh lo main haari piya (Aar Paar, 1954) In this song Guru Dutt is driving a car and Shyama the heroine is singing the song It was a super hit song worth mentioning

Song of Aar Paar, 1954

Recall the immortal song of Kishore Kumar "Jeevan ke safar mein rahi milte hain bichhad jaane ko" (Munimji, 1955)

Song of Munimji 1955

One of the best car songs with such classic music instruments is Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke from Nau Do Gyarha, though there is another car song from this film Kali Ke Roop Mein Chali ho Dhoop Mei Kahan only one song from a film is sufficient.

Song of Nau Do Gyarha, 1957

Next in the list with the quintessential ‘car’ song featuring the Ganguly brothers. A paean to their khatara car, this madcap song has the brothers traversing through the streets of Bombay.

Song of Chalti Ka Naam Gadi, 1958

This song from Kaagaz ke Phool , 1959 has a whole bunch of people off on a picnic. The entire song is in transit, and the singers themselves are in some sort of a vehicle (a truck? tempo? van?) while there are two people in a car, listening to this song of love. 

Song of Kaagaz ke Phool , 1959 

One of my all-time favourite songs extremely melodiously rendered by Mohd Rafi from Dil Deke Dekho

Song of  Dil Deke Dekho 1959

This song starts with a car and ends in the car not fully car song

Song of Dhool Ka Phool 1959

This song is my favourite song since my childhood days.  It has lot of energy and freshness and a positive approach. Mohd. Rafi sab and Dev Anand sab have mesmerised us for decades. Its the first song picturised in Darjeeling Here Dev Anand is not driving the car but on the top of a car.
Song of jab pyaar kisise hota hai 1961

 This particular song has Shammi Kapoor in a car, driving, singing, dancing through the pretty landscape of Kashmir, looking for true love. 

Song of  Kashmir Ki Kali, 1964

A typical Shammi Kapoor type song but in this song Vishwajeet is singing this car song

Song of  Mere Sanam 1965

This is a typical Dev Anand song with his style In this song he is not driving but he is always in front of a moving car 

Song of Jewel Thief 1967

Watch this classic romantic Hindi song "Hum Tum Yug Yug Se" from the Bollywood classic romantic drama old Hindi movie Milan (1967) starring Sunil Dutt, Nutan & Pran. Half of this song was picturised in a car and remaining on a boat

Song of Milan 1967

One of the most evergreen and intoxicating car songs of the Indian cinema voice of the legend Mohammad Rafi Saab and performed by the legend Mr Rajinder Kumar and great music too.

Song of  Jhuk Gaya Aasman  1968

Another Shammi Kapoor car song from 1968 film Brahmchari

Song of Brahamchari 1968

This song became a craze in the 70s Rajesh Khanna became a superstar with this song

Song of Aradhana 1969

Another beautiful romantic but a car song from 1970 film Safar

Song of  Safar  1970

Watch & enjoy Hum To Hain Rahi Dil Ke Full Video Song from the movie Caravan starring Jeetendra, Asha Parekh,

Song of Caravan 1971

Another masterpiece car song by Dev Anand from the film Gambler, our ageless Dev Saab singing this song “choodi nahin mera dil hai dekho toote naa” while driving a car

Song of Gambler 1971

Kishore da, Pancham da and Rajesh Khanna the best of the best in their field, this is pure magic and timeless

Song of  Mere Jeevan Saathi 1972

Song of Hanste Zakhm 1973

Song of Janeman 1976