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Sunday, 24 May 2020

"YAHOO" The Yell that Shook the Nation

This iconic foot-tapping song from film Junglee introduced a freestyle dancing by Shammi Kapoor. His sky-breaking scream ‘Yahoo!’ depicts a freedom-seeking soul. This song became a cult song.  The idea of "Yahoo" itself was Shammi Kapoor's who had used it earlier in "Tumsa Nahin Dekha" (1957) and "Dil Deke Dekho" (1959).
You would be surprised to know that the iconic yell "Yahoo!!" in this song was not rendered by Mohammad RafiIn fact, Jaikishan the music director of this film had planned on using his voice for the scream but when he couldn't pull it off, he asked the writer Prayag Raj who happened to be in the. studio and gave that memorable shout. Shammi Kapoor once said it was only Rafi saheb who could sing on such a high scale.
Shammi Kapoor hurt himself while picturizing this song. He badly bruised his knees when he came hurtling down a snow-covered hill while shouting his signature call -- "yahoo" - This song was picturized at Pahalgam in Kashmir.
 It is this musical number alone that solidified Kapoor's reputation as an untamed screen presence (in the style of Dean and Presley) and set the tone for his future movies. 
After picturizing this song, when Rafi saheb saw the song, he hugged Shammi Kapoor and said that he thought of him while singing this song and you have exactly done that. After this song Rafi became his voice in films. 
Junglee was 1961 film which was in color, it was an attraction to those days. Shammi Kapoor was not sure that this film would be such a hit, especially this song. This song became a craze and Shammi Kapoor became a Superstar after this film. Kapoor steadily amassed a huge following that reached its zenith with this film.
This movie was first offered to Jagdeep before played by Shammi Kapoor. Jag deep 'Surma Bhopali' from Sholay fame famous for the comic role did some serious role in his early movies
Song of Junglee 1961