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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Helen - The Original Dancing Diva of Bollywood

Started her career as a Chorus Dancer Helen became the first Dancing Diva of Bollywood. It was the dance song Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu from the film Howrah Bridge in 1958 made her the Cabaret Queen of Bollywood. She changed the entire scenario of dance in Hindi cinema from the early 50s to the late 70s to emerge many years later as a character actress in a few chosen films. 
She was born in Burma (21 Nov), now Myanmar, to a Burmese mother and Anglo-Indian father. The famous dancing star Cuckoo was a family friend. She introduced her as a dancer in the chorus in Shabista in 1951.  She got  her first hit song-and-dance number in Baarish (1957)Mr John, Baba Khan ya Lala Roshandaan Jo Bhi Dekhe Mera Jalwa Ho Jaaye Qurbaan

She was initially trained in the Manipuri style. Then she learnt Bharat Natyam from P.L. Raj, one of the leading choreographers of the time. Kathak followed this. She was the one who introduced the cabaret and the belly dance in Indian films.  
Helen vamped three generations of men, Prithviraj Kapoor (Harishchandra Taramati), Raj Kapoor (Anari (1959)) and Rishi Kapoor (Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan (1977)).
Hindi cinema found many uses for Helen. Since she was an outsider in almost every sense – by name, by national origin, by heredity – she could be anyone. And so a million fantasies were pinned on to one single form. She could be an Italian countess (Prince (1969)) or a German one (Ek Se Badhkar Ek (1976)) or an Anglo-Indian gold-digger (Gumnaam (1965)) or a tribal (Baadal) or an aboriginal Maharashtrian Koli fisherwoman (Inkaar (1977)) or a Chinese woman (Howrah Bridge (1958)) or a Roman Catholic Jenny (Imaan Dharam (1977)).

 She was nominated for the Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award in 1965 for her role in Gumnaam. She played dramatic roles such as the rape victim in Shakti Samanta's Pagla Kahin Ka (1970).It was  a role in Mahesh Bhatt's film Lahu Ke Do Rang (1979), for which she won a Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award. In 1999 Helen was given India's Filmfare lifetime achievement award.
Helen officially retired from movies in 1983, but she has since then appeared in a few guest roles such as Khamoshi: The Musical (1996) and Mohabbatein (2000). She also made a special appearance as the mother of real-life step-son Salman Khan's character in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.. She also appeared in Humko Deewana Kar Gaye in 2006.
Helen was selected for the Padma Shri awards of 2009 along with Aishwarya Rai and Akshay Kumar.
Song of Baarish 1957

Song of Howrah Bridge 1958

Song of China Town (1962)

Song of Gumnaam (1965)

Song of Teesri Manzil (1966)

Song of Talaash (1969)

Song of Intaquam (1969)

Song of The Train (1970)

Song of Caravan (1970)

Song of Sholay (1975)

Song of Don 1978

Sunday, 4 February 2018

The Evolution of Bollywood Dance

Songs and Dance are integral part of Indian films.No Bollywood film would be complete without many songs and dances.The style of dancing in earlier Bollywood films was based on Indian Classical Dance or Folk Dances from various parts of India. These dances included the classical art forms of Kathak and Bharata Natyam. But today, Bollywood has developed its own corpus of material.Bollywood Style of Dancing is now a craze in UK,USA and Europe.
Earlier films from south India tended to show a lot of influence from Bharat Natyam and Kuchipudi while Hindi films tended to show strong influences of Kathak or the "mujara" dances that were associated with the tawaifs 
The very first movie fully Choreographed was Kalpana (1948) produced and directed by the renowned dancer Uday Shankar. In the same year another film released was S S Vasan's Chanrakanta choreographed by Tarun Chopra,the disciple of Uday Shankar ji.With the success of both these films the era of dance began in Hindi Cinema.Before that a film Roti (1942) became hit because of Sitara Devi's Dance.
Dance from Roti 1942

Dance from Kalpana1948

There were some great dancers in that era.  Indian Cinema was blessed with great dancers like Geetanjali, Sandhya, Vyajayantimala,Padmini,Ragini & Mahipal who with their outstanding energy and performance mesmerized the audiences and took dance to the next level. In 1951 Raj Kapoor gave the industry a lavish song-and-dance dream sequence.Filmed evocatively in black and white, ‘showman’ Kapoor gets his muse Nargis to ‘welcome her wanderer home’, on the backdrop of an over-the-top set featuring a grand stairway, lots of mist, a giant dancing Shiva and a crowd of background female dancers. Nargis rose to the challenge and proved her versatility with her dancing feet.

In the late 50's & 60's group dances began to evolve in Bollywood films & choreographers started managing larger groups of dancers, with influences from folk dances. One may also find songs about holidays, (e.g., Holi), Mother India, the moon, or other topics; but these are far less common.Another style of dancing evolved in 60s was heroes and heroines were singing romantic songs running and dancing around trees.Some of these moves were really rather hard to class as dancing.  The spastic deliveries of songs by Shammi Kapoor came to mind.  Still, from these random spastic jerks and jumping around, identifiable moves began to develop. In that period V Shantaram made few great Song & Dance Movies like Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baje,Dr Vidya and Navrang.
Dance from Dr Vidya
In the 50s a new style of dance was introduced by Bhagwan dada which became very popular.A film Albela in 1951 had many songs and dance in a new style.These steps are still liked by the audience.Amitabh Bachchan copied those steps in many of hit films in 70s and 80s
Song from Albela 1951

The new entry in Bollywood dance was cabarets and western dances.The cabaret scene is probably the most significant artistic and commercial example of the Bollywood dance.  It may be considered to be the first truly 'Bollywood" form.
Song from Howrah Bridge 1958
Undoubtedly the reining queen of the cabaret dance was Helen.  She was born Helen Jairag Richardson, of mixed Anglo-Indian-Burmese descent.  She started dancing and acting in the 1950s, and by the 1960s was the undisputed queen of the item girls.  However by the 1970s, item numbers were going to the younger girls.
In the 80s Cabaret was replaced by Disco, which was a worldwide phenomenon at the time.
By this time classical dance vanished from Hindi films only in Period films Mujra were shown.With the emergence of Mithun Chakraborti disco was the main attraction during that period.After that in 90s came an era which introduced Bollywood Free Style of dancing which was well represented by dancers like Govinda who developed their own signature style of dance.
Now since the inception of MTV , Bollywood dancing has been heavily influenced by Western dance styles, and incorporates elements from the West. In many cases, the musical numbers are released as separate music videos, and the soundtracks are released prior to the film, in order to further advertise the upcoming feature films. In modern Bollywood films, the musical numbers are often based on the Hip-Hop style of dance as well as other variations of Hip-Hop dance.The dance movements have become more bold & extroverted to capture the audience’s attention. 
Dance from ABCD

For the last few years Remo D'souza the famous Choreographer is making films based on Dances.He made India's first 3D dance movie, ABCD - AnyBody Can Dance, with contestants from season 1 and season 2 of Dance India Dance (Dharmesh YelandePunit PathakSalman Yusuff Khan, Bhavna, Prince and others),Prabhu Deva and Lauren Gottlieb. After that ABCD 2, was released in June 2015. It starred Varun DhawanShraddha Kapoor, and Prabhu Deva in lead roles, with Lauren GottliebPunit PathakRaghav Juyal, and Dharmesh Yelande in supporting roles.
The Evolution of Bollywood Dance is a process that is entirely Indian and yet cross-cultural at the same time.
Some of the Iconic Dances of Bollywood

This song changed the Indian music industry era & created a milestone platform important thing Lata Mangeshkar is the Golden voice gifted by the God....and the immortal Nagin dance by Vyajayantimala.
Song from Nagin 1954

                                The great Dance by Gopi Kishan and Sandhya

Dance from Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baje 1955

 The best and liveliest example of Bharatanatyam on a film.

Song from Azaad (1955)

The famous Kathputli Dance was shown in Chori Chori.Very well picturized on Raj Kapoor & Nargis.

Song from Chori Chori 1956

After Sandhya I think Vyajayantimala was a dancing star in Bollywood. She was the first South Indian actress to become a Bollywood star and "paved a way" for other south Indian actresses to foray into BollywoodVyjayanthimala's main concentration
 was in Bharata Natyam,

Song from Sadhna (1958) 


Song from Madhumati 1958

Time is just frozen as you watch this masterpiece. Big salute to Madhubala and OP Naiyer ji
Song from Phagun ,1958,

One of the amazing song & dance produced ever, Sandhya performs so beautifully, one of the greatest dancer of Bollywood.She will always be remembered for her great personality and amazing looks.
Song from Navrang 1959

The milestone Dance of Hindi film industry is this song ,Lata Mangeshkar's voice and Madhubala s dance are just complimenting each other n a real justice to this song
Song from Mughal e Azam 1960

Helen is pure perfection. Every move, every gesture is on point.Helen"s thumkas, steps & insertions are nicely blended & took up the task of choreography perfectly.

Song from Parasmani (1963)

Wonderful dance by Asha Parekh - so talented , Look at the great talent of this woman ' Asha Paresh ' and maneuvering of her body in the way her Guru Gopi
Krishna taught.

Song from Ziddi (1964)

SERPENT DANCE BY Waheeda Rehman in GUIDE (1965).A real treat to watch

Dance from Guide 1965

This dance is from Amrapali , a 1966 historical Hindi film directed by Lekh Tandon, starring Vyjayanthimala and Sunil Dutt as leads. Music of the film was by Shankar-JaikishanVyjayanthimala is truly one wonder woman.Personality,figure,her position,style,communication
skills, her dance graceful,

Dance from Amrapali 1966

Long dance sequence with minimum clipping...only Vijayanthimala can do it..5 stars to this song and dance sequence. Lata is just brilliant .Wow.

Song from Jewel Thief 1967

A great dance compitition between 3 legends  Vyajayantimala,Helen and Shammi Kapoor  

Song from Prince (1969)

How can we miss this great song and dance by Helen in Carvan 1971,this film has many dances.
Song from Carvan 1971

With this film Disco Dancer this form of dancing became popular.This songs gives you full energy... Your body get automatically start responding to every beats

Song from Disco Dancer 1982

Madhuridixit is one of the greatest dancer in India and no doubt people appreciated her performance in this song.She became hit after this dance.
Song from Tejab 1988

This is the Magic of Madhuri and Saroj khan.Madhuri Dixit is unmatchable in Bollywood,she gave many song and Dance hits.

Song from Beta 1992

With the emergence of Govinda his style of Dancing became popular.He along with Karishma kapoor gave many Hit songs,this is one of those songs.
Hero No1 1997

With Dil to Paagal Hai Shimak Davar changed the way dance was perceived in Indian films,he is the first to bring contemporary jazz and western forms of dance to India. He is known as the guru of contemporary dance in India.

Song from Dil To Paagal Hai 1997

Today's generation can't even imagine the craze of this song when it was released.With this film emerged a new form of dancing.

Song from kaho na pyar hai 2000

This dance brought Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai in sync with each other by Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Song from Devdas 2002

Monday, 27 November 2017

Happy Birthday Bappi Lahiri-The Disco King of Bollywood

The singer-composer Bappi Lahiri who turned 65 has crooned disco numbers like 'I am a disco dancer', 'Ramba ho', 'Hari Om Hari' and 'Yaar bina chain kahan re'.He was the pioneer of disco beats in India and his refreshing, vibrant, and rhythmic music had the entire nation dancing in 80s and 90s.
 He began to play the tabla at the tender age of three. Even at that tender age, Bappi showed signs of greatness as he played the tabla with the proficiency of an experienced professional. He received his first opportunity in a Bengali film, Daadu (1972) at the age of 19 and the first Hindi film for which he composed music was Nanha Shikari (1973). The film which established him in Bollywood was Tahir Husain's Hindi film, Zakhmee (1975),
He introduced Vijay Benedict and Sharon Prabhakar to the Bollywood and paved the path to fame for Alisha Chinai and Usha Uthup through his compositions.
He is also known for soundtracks like WardatDisco DancerNamak HalaalDance DanceCommandoGang LeaderSailaab and Sharaabi 
Along with Biddu, Bappi popularized the use of synthesized disco music in Indian cinema with an Indian flavour. Most of his songs werer rendered by singers such as Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle  In 2011, he sang the song Ooo la la Ooo la lain the movie The Dirty Picture for Vishal-ShekharIn late 2016, Bappi Lahiri lent his voice to the character of Tamatoa in the Hindi-dubbed version of Disney's 3D computer-animated fantasy adventure film Moana; he himself also composed and sang a song in the film
Song from Zakhmee 1975

Song from Chalte Chalte (1976)

Song from Aap Ke Khatir (1977)

Song from Suraksha (1979)

Song from Pyaara Dushman (1980)

Song from Wardaat (1981)

Song from Namak Halaal (1982)

Song from Himmatwala (1983)

Song from Disco Dancer (1983)

Song from Sharaabi (1984)

Song from Thanedaar (1990)

Song from Dirty Picture 2011

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Cabaret in Bollywood

1960s was the era when cabaret songs were the real life of the movies. It was so much popular that they pulled the audience towards the theatres.These Cabaret were the part of the story unlike today's Item Numbers.Cuckko was the first Cabaret Dancer of bollywood,then came Helen.
In the Late 60s and early part of the 1970s actresses Fariyal,Aruna Irani, Bindu, Jayshree T and Padma Khanna entered into what was Helen's monopoly. In fact there is a cabaret in Dharma 1973 movie where the Top 5 Cabaret Dancers of Bollywood appeared in one song.
 The range extended from the likes of the  sexy Asha Sachdev and Prema Narayan, to out-and-out garish Kalpana Iyer and Jayshree T. Between them, these beauties had the item song market cornered, and many a famous tracks were picturized on them. If Jayshree T had songs like ‘Naach Meri Jaan’ with Mehmood from Main Sunder Hoon, then Asha Sachdev had the suggestive ‘Jis Kaam Ko Dono Aaye Hain’, from the Jitendra-starrer ‘Ek Hi Rasta’, while Kalpana Iyer had the disco genre cornered through the ‘80s and Prema Narayan sizzled her swimming costume with a host of other beauties in ‘Mausam Mastana’ from Satte Pe Satta… 
 Cuckoo, was the first major dancing star  who ruled the cabaret scene in the Forties and Fifties.Her talent made cabaret a must in the Bollywood films. Her dance numbers in the film Anokhi Ada established her as the lead dancer of that era.She introduced a 13-year-old Helen into films as a chorus dancer in the films like Shabistan and Awaara(1951).Cukoo and Helen most notably appeared in song and dance sequences together like in Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi(1958) and Yahudi (1958). Her last film appearance was in Mujhe Jeene Do in 1963 after which she had disappeared from the film industry.
Song from Anokhi Ada 1948

Song from Awara 1951

Song from Aan 1952

Helen-Known as "Queen Of Cabaret",who started as a chorus dancer in films like Shabistan and Awaara (1951) later became the queen of cabaret.Her seductive dancing made her a star and is still respected today for her contribution to cinema. She remained for more than three decades an essential part of almost all first-rate movies, with at least one hot dance and song scene,  that was invariably the star attraction of the movie.
Song from Howrah Bridge 1958

Song from Intaquam (1969)

Song from Caravan (1971)

Bindu-her success story started with Shakti Samanta's Kati Patang (1970), where she had a sizzling cabaret dance, "Mera Naam Shabnam" to her credit; a number which is even today remembered as one of the highlights of the film.She  gave tough competition to the Queen of Cabaret, Helen. She was definitely the strongest contender for this particular crown.Her mesmerising performances in 1974 as a seductress in Imtihan, and as a nymphomaniac in Hawas, left audiences asking for more. 
Song from Kati Patang (1970)

Song from Zanjeer (1973)

Song from Anhonee 1973

Faryal-was born in the Damascus area of Syria to an Indian father and a Syrian mother.She  worked for a while as an air hostess in Air India before joining films.She was noted for her role as a cabaret dancer in the movie Jewel Thief released in 1967. One of her very popular cabaret number is Yeh Duniya To Hai Bas Paise Ki from the movie Do Thug.
Dance from Jewel Thief 1967

Dance from Puruskaar 1970

Dance from Insaan Aur Shaitan 1970

Aruna Irani-she made her debut in the movie Ganga Jamuna (1961) playing childhood Azra's character.She did small roles,comic roles and character roles also.She was heroine with Amitabh Bachchan in Bombay to Goa.Besides excellent acting she has is par excellent when it comes to dancing. She had many hit item numbers in many movies to her credit and one amongst them is the Cabaret song – Sapna Mera Tut Gaya from the movie Khel khel mein. 
Dance from Humshakal 1974

Dance from Fakira 1976

Song from Khel Khel Mein 1975

Jayshree T-trained as Kathak.Dancer but  gained popularity when she started performing item dances in films,She has done few very successful Cabaret dances in the Bollywood films. She had an oomph factor and her dancing was full of energy. One of her very popular cabaret song is Reshmi Ujala hai from the movie Sharmillee in 1971.
Song from Sharmillee 1971

Song from Anokhi Pehchaan 1972

Song from Rani Mera Naam 1972

Padma Khanna-Like JayshreeT she was also a trained Kathak Dancer under PBirju Maharaj. She came into limelight with Johny Mera Naam dance "Husn Ke Lakhon Rang"She is most remembered for her role in the film Saudagar with Amitabh Bachchan
Dance from Johny Mere Naam 1970

Dance from Paise Ki Gudiya 1974

Song from Jaandar 1979

Kalpana Iyer-She is best known for the song from Disco Dancer, 'Koi Yahan Nache Nache'.She was the Dancing Queen of 80s.She was a former Miss India.Some of her famous dance numbers were to the songs "Hari om Hari" in Pyaara Dushman (1980), "Tu Mujhe Jaan" in Wardaat (1981) and "Rambha Ho" in Armaan (1982 film).
Song from Disco Dancer 1982

Dance from Pyara Dushman

Dance from Armaan 1981

Beside these specialized Dancers many Heroines have also given Cabaret songs in Bollywood Rekha,Mumtaz,Zeenat Aman and Parveen Babi are few such Heroines.
Mumtaz in a Song from Humjoli 1970

Rekha in a song from Parineeta 2005

Zeenat Amaan in Qurbani 1980

Parveen Babi in Namak Halal 1982

Here is a Rare Song From DHARMA 1973 in which 5 famous Cabaret Dancer Of Bollywood(HELEN,FARIYAL,Sonia Sahni,JayshreeT and Bindu) are dancing in one Song

Song from Dharma 1973