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Saturday, 9 September 2017

Same tune used in other Songs

Its very common in Bollywood that we copy a song from west or other country and use in our films..Nowadays we call it Inspiration.But there are many melodies which were composed by our Composers earlier and being taken as it is or a slight modification is adopted in later films.
 I discovered few songs with pretty much the same tune, spread over more than half a century.The first tune composed by S D Burman for the song  "Thandi Hawayein Lehra Ke Aayein" for film "Naujawan" in the year 1951.This Lata song a great hit among her immortal songs with the same tune or slight modification was tried in at least five songs in later of them was  “Rahen Na Rahen Hum” almost after 12 years in film "Mamta" released in the 1966.
Thandi Hawayein Lehra Ke Aayein 
song from Naujawan 1951
Same tune tried in this song Tera Dil Kahan Hai  for film “Chandni Chowk” released in 1954 music by Roshan

song from Chandni Chowk 1954

Rahen Na Rahen Hum  Roshan himself used the same old composition again in another hit song after almost 12 years in film "Mamta" released in the 1966.

Song from Mamta 1966

“Hamein Raaston Ki Zaroorat Nahin Hai”  His father's tune was used by R D Burman for this song for   Naram Garam 1981 film
Song from Naram Garam 1981

Once again the same tune was used in the song “Hamein Aur Jeene Ki Chaahat Nahin Thi” for AGAR TUM NA HOTE (1983).  

Song from AGAR TUM NA HOTE (1983). 

After 2 years R D Burman again adapted some of the similar notes for his song in film “Saagar” released in 1985. for the song   “Saagar Kinare Dil Ye Pukare”

Song from Sagar (1985).

NEXT TUNE in my list is of the Immortal Song of Footpath 1953 “Sham-e-Gham Ki Kasam” by Khayyam

Song from  Footpath (1953)

“Mere Man Ke Diye” by Salil Chowdhury in PARAKH (1960)
Song from  PARAKH (1960)

“Maan Ke Panchhi” by Shankar Jaikishan in NAINA (1973) sung by Sharda

Song from   NAINA (1973)

“Ek Din Aap Yun Humko Mil Jayenge” by Jatin Lalit in YES BOSS (1997)

Song from  YES BOSS (1997)

Next in my list is the famous Ghazal  of Mehdi Hasan  “Rafta Rafta Aap Meri Hasti Ka Saaman Ho Gaye”

Song from NIKAAH (1982)

“Dil Hi Dil Mein Le Liya Dil from AAJ KI AAWAZ (1984)
Only Audio from AAJ KI AAWAZ (1984

“Dheere Dheere Aap Meri” in BAAZI (1995)

Song from  BAAZI (1995)

“Tumse Kitna Pyar Hai” in COMPANY (2002)

Song from  COMPANY (2002)

Listen to this song Yeh Zulf Agar Khul Ke (Kaajal) with same tune for Simti Hui Yeh Ghadiyan (Chambal Ki Kasam) 
Song from Kaajal 1965

Song from Chambal Ki Kasam

The famous “Muqala Muqabla”  song from HUMSE HAI MUQABLA (1994) composed by A R Rahman was from the original Tamil tune,later the same tune was adapted by Rajesh Roshan for Muh Kaala Muqabla Hoga”  in SABSE BADA KHILADI (1995) Same year Anu Malik used the same tune in “O Mere Sanam” from SURAKSHAA (1995)

Song from HUMSE HAI MUQABLA (1994)

Song from  SABSE BADA KHILADI (1995) 

Song from  SURAKSHAA (1995)