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MEHMOOD-The Man Who Taught the Nation How to Laugh!

There were many  comedians in Bollywood before him.But he made the comedian’s role an integral part of the story line.Often the comedian’s plight proved more interesting than even the hero’s romance.For a brief period in the 1960s, thanks to him, comedy was king. And Mehmood was the uncrowned King of Comedy. A time came, when he was so much “in demand” that producers approached him, offering him full-length comedy films. He teamed up with  Shubha Khote,I S Johar and Kishore Kumar gave us some great comedy films.
Mehmood was the son of character-actor/dancer Mumtaz Ali and used to tag along with his father to the film studios. He began acting as a (reluctant) child actor. After he grew up, he pursued several odd jobs -- including that of a car driver.  For a short while, he was a chauffeur for director P.L. Santoshi. 
As an adult actor he first appeared in Guru Dutt’s suspense thriller – CID. After that, Guru Dutt gave him a small part in Pyaasa. After that he got his first noticeable “break” in Parvarish (1958), in which he landed a role as the brother of the hero, Raj Kapoor. His first breakthrough film as a comedian was Sasural, a melodramatic mega-success. The movie also created one of the most successful comedy pairings of the sixties – Mehmood and Shubha Khote. Both did more than 15 films together and gave many hit songs.The most famous films are Saural 1961,Dil Tera Diwana (1962),Hamrahi (1963) ,Grihasti (1963) ,Ziddi (1964),Love In Tokyo (1966) and Pockit Maar (1974).Mehmood and Shubha Khote gave fans endless hours of laugh riot,
SONGS of Mehmood and Shubha Khote
Song from Sasural 1961

Song from Dil Tera Diwana 1962

Song from Grihasti (1963)

Song from Beti Bete 1964

Song from Ziddi (1964)

Song from Love In Tokyo (1966)

SONGS of Mehmood and I S Johar
Both of them worked together in 8 films,first time they came together in 1954 film Nastik,this film was directed by I S Johar, Mehmood  at that time was not an established comedian.In 1965 both appeared as comedians in 2 films."Johar Mehmood in Goa" and "Namaste Ji".After that they came together in Johar Mehmood in Hong Kong.

Song from Johar Mehmood In Goa 1965

Song from Johar Mehmood In Hong Kong 1971

SONGS of Mehmood and Kishore Kumar
Both of them came together in 8 films ,the most popular are Pyar Kiye Ja,Saadhu Aur Shaitan.Padosan and Hungama

Scene from Saadhu Aur Shaitan 1968

Song from Padosan 1969

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