Thursday, 12 October 2017

50 years of FARZ

This film FARZ released on 6th Oct 1967 gave bolllywood the new star Jeetendra,This movie also gave him that Jumping Jack image, something that he put to good use in loads of movies at least till Gulzar gave him an image makeover with Parichay (1972). The birthday song in Farz has become one of the most popular birthday songs (from Hindi films) ever.The film along with its music became super hit.
This was the first hindi film that introduced James Bond type genre in the years to come. Jeetendra plays Agent 116—Gopal—with enthusiastic aplomb and an Elvis-style pompadour.
Gopal is assigned to the case by the head of CID (David) after his previous Agent (303) is killed on the job, On the way to his new assignment he is seated next to the lovely Sunita (Babita), and he wastes no time in showering her with insincere compliments too. 

Sunita's father Damodar (Sajjan) killed Agent 303.Gopal discovers when he tracks down 303’s pictures, which include a shot of Damodar’s license plate. Gopal follows the car one evening and is shocked when Sunita gets out of it. Gopal continues to romance Sunita and attends her birthday party where he sings the aforementioned Birthday Song “Baar Baar Din Ye Aaye” 
Gopal tells Sunita the truth about her beloved father. Gopal’s job of course is to find out who the big guys behind Damodar actually are.On following Agent 303 sister Kamla who was looking for her brother's murderer who thinks that Gopal was the murderer.

 Kamla seductively dances and mix some intoxicant pill in his drink which overlooked by 116, and acted as drank and eventually senseless. Goons take him to their secret den in city outskirts,In the den, 116 captures one of the goon leaders and forced him to reveal some information.Here he comes to know the Chinese conspiracy to destabilize the nation and accommodated by traitors inside, led by a person wearing Mao uniform named Supremo who only speaks a few broken English sentences. Rest of the movie follows the 116's efforts to thwart a foreign conspiracy against India.

Farz was a Super Hit film of 1967,its music was also super hit,the film gave two stars to Bollywood Jeetendra and Babita
Song from Farz 1967

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