Thursday, 9 November 2017

Remembering Ghulam Haider on his Death anniversary

Ghulam Haider the Great Composer is remembered the Music Director who gave this world the Bharat Ratna LATA MANGESHKAR. He also introduced Sudha Malhotra to the Hindi films. Ghulam Haider also introduced the Punjabi folk music and instruments like Dholak in the film music. Today he is no more, but his music inspired the later Punjabi music directors to take music career confidently. His work inspired many Punjabi music directors like Hansraj Behl, Husnlal Bhagatram, Shyam Sunder and Feroz Nizami.
His first big hit song came with Khazanchi in 1941, which caused a revolution in the music industry.The music of the film Khazanchi (1941), in particular, the song Sawan Ke Nazare Hain sung by Shamshad Begum and himself caused a revolution in music composing. Khandan (1942), the first film of Noor Jehan as lead actress, was also a big hit and established him as a top film composer. 
Ghulam Haider was born in 1908 in Narowal now in Pakistan.Being curious about music he started learning music from Babu Ganesh Lal. His love for music made him leave his career as a dentist.he got a job with Alfred Theatrical Company and Alexander Theatrical Company as a piano player in Calcutta,He got his first break with D.M. Pancholi's Punjabi film, Gul-E-Bakavali (1939) starring Noor Jehan.[1][2] This was followed by film Yamla Jat (1940).
Haider moved to Bombay and composed music for many films including Humayun (1945) and Majboor (1948 film), the first major break for Lata Mangeshkar in Hindi films.Shaheed (1948) and Kaneez (1949 film) are his other big hits. Shamshad Begum had sung many of the popular compositions of Haider. Along with music composing
After independence, he returned to Lahore and his first Pakistani film was Shahida (film) (1949). He composed music for many other Pakistani films like Beqarar (1950), Akeli (1951) and Bheegi Palken (1952) but the films flopped. He died just a few days after the release of film Gulnar (1953)
Song from Khazanchi 1941

Song from Khandan (1942)

Song from Khandan (1942)

Song from Humayun 1945

Song from Shaheed 1948

Song from  Majboor (1948)

Song from Gulnar 1953 

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