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Remembering JOHNNY WALKER on his 13th Death Anniversary

Johnny Walker (11 Nov 1920 – 29 July 2003)

He was born as Badruddin Jamaluddin Kazi in Indore,the son of a mill worker. Looking after his 15-member family was tough; five of the family died young. Johnny Walker tried his hand at almost everything, including working in the Bombay Electric Supply Transport buses as a conductor. He was posted at the Dadar bus depot but worked on several routes.

Comedians like Noor Mohammad and Charlie were his idols. Johnnysaab had always wanted to be a comedian; he believed it was his God-given duty to make people laugh.

Scene from Baazi(1951)
Scene from Taxi Driver

scene from Pyaasa

song from Taxi Driver

song from CID
He did his first bit role in the early 1950s and had enacted similar snippets in about 20 films but the real break was given by Guru Dutt in Baazi(1951),his new screen name Johnny Walker was given by Guru Dutt.Thereafter he was doing all the films of Guru Dutt.Films like Taxi Driver(1954) CID,Pyaasa,Madhumati,Naya Daur and Mere Mehboob made him a star.He was sought by the best banners and the best directors and was equal to the task of acting with the best of the stars. 
Comedy Scene from Mere Mehboob

Comedy Scene from CID

Comedy Scene from Aar Paar
He was offered many films(around 12) as a hero such as JOHNNY WALKER ,Mr Cartoon, These, of course, had comic themes but were embellished with wonderful music and did well at the box office. 
His Golden Period was 50s and 60s when he gave memorable and great performances.
He was a natural comedian, his comedy was never crude or vulgar. But, 1970 onwards, comedy began to change. Some of the comedians indulged in lewd gestures and relied on double-entendre.Johnny Walker never tried that type of comedy,In an interview he said that though he acted more than 300 films and the Censor Board never cut even one line of his character.

He was the comedian for whom famous music directors like S D Burman and O P Nayyar tuned some of their most memorable hits. Remember Tael maalish, champee or Yeh hain Bombay meri jaan? His drawing power at the box office was such that Distributors insisted the Producers and Directors to have atleast one song to be done with him.His song sequences in Doordarshan'sChitrahaar or cable television are highly appreciated. 

song from Mr & Mrs 55

song from Khota Paisa

song from Chaudhavin Ka Chaand

                                                                                      song from Chori Chori

song from Mere Mehboob

song from Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi

During the mid-eighties, Johnny Walker tried to produce a film but was quickly disillusioned by the attitude of the industry people, particularly the stars.His last movie was Chachi 420(1997) did after the gap of 14 years.

He was given his first Filmfare award as the Best Supporting Actor in Madhumati(1958) and later the best Comedian award for Shikar(1968)
Comedy scene from SHIKAR(1968)

Johny Walker died at the age of 79 on 29th July 2003.He is survived by his wife,3 sons and 3 daughters.His actor son Nasir was on his side when he breathed his last at 1.10 P M

To Give Him Tribute,I am posting here some of his best comedy scenes from his movies
Comedy scene from Mr & Mrs 55

Comedy scene from Paigham(1959)

Comedy scene from Anand

Comedy scene from Baat Ek Raat Ki

Comedy scene from Kaagaz Ke Phool(1959)

Comedy scene from Chupke Chupke

Comedy scene from Chori Chori

Comedy scene from Sanjog(1971)

comedy scene from Chaudhavin Ka Chaand

comedy scene from Barati

comedy scene from Mr Cartoon M A

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