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The Christmas Celebration in Hindi Films

Merry Christmas to All

I Pick Those Rare Delightful Christian Characters, Which Brought A Smile To Our Lips.It is really very strange that the Christian Community Is Generally Depicted As The One High On Drinks And Parties. In contrast to that one character of kind-hearted but talkative landlady, Mrs. D'sa played by Lalita Pawar  from the 1959 film Anari comes to our mind.

Anthony Gonsalves of Amar Akbar Anthony played by Amitabh Bachchan The character became so popular that men began sporting the colourful vests and the metal cross worn by Bachchan in the film, irrespective of their religion.

 Who can forget the Goan Christian fisherman father, Jack Braganza (Prem Nath) of Bobby 1973. His loud and affectionate nature and his joie-di-vivre made him an instant hit. 

How can we forget the film Julie released in 1975.Based around an Anglo-Indian family, the film even had a full-fledged English song My heart is beating sung by Preeti Sagar. The film also dealt with religious prejudices that exist between communities..

There was a film Baaton baaton mein (1979) the film had the backdrop of a Christian home.Rosie Perreira (Pearl Padamsee)) is an anxious widow who wants her daughter Nancy (Tina Munium) to marry at the earliest. Tony Braganza (Amol Palekar) is introduced to her on the train as they commute to work.
Based on Erich Segal’s Love Story, ‘Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se’ had Sachin and Ranjeeta playing college students who fall in love but the latter succumbs to cancer in the end. Ranjeeta played a devoted Catholic girl, Lily Fernandes who stays with her mother and reforms Sachin. A film that became one of the sleeper hits of 1978.

Saeed Mirza’s ‘Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai?’ revolved around Albert played brilliantly by Naseeruddin Shah who is a car mechanic and loses his temper now and then. Naseer’s portrayal as Albert, the typical Anglo Indian Christian got a lot of critical acclaim and is counted as one of his most memorable roles to date.

Remember the Commissioner D’Mello of Jane Bhi Do Yaron.Satish Shah played a corrupt commissioner who receives bribes to pass projects by builders. He happens to get murdered as he is towed and chased by all the characters in the film. Every scene is a treat.

Jennifer Pinto aka Jenny played by Katrina Kaif  in Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani is considered as one of her most memorable roles in her decade long career.  Ranbir Kapoor playing Prem who falls in love with a Christian girl - Jenny, but she loves someone else.

Song from Julie 1975

Song from Amar Akbar Anthony 1977

Song from Baton Baton Mein 1979

Song from Shandaar1974

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