Saturday, 19 May 2018

Copy Cat Songs during Golden Era Of Bollywood (Part 2)

Albert Einstein once said "Creativity is all about hiding your Sources".How true he was. Today with the availability of internet it has become difficult to hide your source. I being an internet surfer found many hit songs from the Golden Era of Bollywood which were copied from international songs.We all appreciated the composers of that era but this habit of copying was existed that time also. In this Blog I have taken few of such copied Hindi song along with the original International song.
The first Copied Song of Bollywood was Chod Gaye Balam from 1949 film Barsat was inspired by Bing Corsby's song "The Anniversary Waltz"
Song from Barsat 1949
Copied from
The Anniversary Waltz

Song from Awara 1951
Copied from
Ala Baladi 1936

Song from Taxi Driver 1954
Copied from
Tarantella  Napolitana

Song from Aar Paar 1954
Copied from
Perhaps Doris Day

Song from Munimji 1955
Copied from
The Mexican Hat Dance

Song from Memsahib 1956
Copied from
Isle Of Capri Rosemary Clooney

Song from Police 1957
Copied from

                                                 BERNARDINE - PAT BOONE

Song from Dilli Ka Thug 1958
Copied from
Rum & Coca cola 1944

Song from Chalti Ka Naam Gadi 1958
Copied from

                                              Sixteen Tons - Tennessee Ernie Ford

Song from Dil Deke Dekho 1959
Copied from 
Sugartime - The McGuire Sisters 1958

Song from Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai 1961
Copied from

                                    Sarah Vaughan -- Broken Hearted Melody 1958

Song from Akeli Mat Jaiyo 1963
Copied from
hernando's hideaway 1955

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