Sunday, 20 May 2018

Funny Songs on Biwi/Shaadi in Hindi Films

Like majority of the population, I have always believed that music and lyrics complete each other. No matter how soulful music is if lyrics are not good,  a song can never make a lasting impression and vice versa. Shaadi and Biwi are such words on which lot of funny songs were written and still being written.In this Blog I have selected  few of these songs showing how life changes after marriage, or how they are fed up with their wife, etc -
The first song comes in my mind is from Ladki (1953) acted and sung by Kishore Kumar
Song from Ladki (1953)

3 Years later In this song Kishore Kumar tells not to marry
Song from Parivaar 1956

Song from Adhikar 1954

Song from PatiPatni 1966

Song from Do Raaste 1969

Song from Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar 1973

Song from Lawaaris 1981

Song from Naukar Biwi Ka 1983

Song from Pukar 1983

Song from  Hiraasat 1987

Song from Thanedar 1990

Song from Santaan 1993

Song from Judaai 1997

Song from Joru Ka Gulam 2000

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