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50 Years of Sharmilee


Sharmilee was released on 23rd March 1971. The film was a hit with hit music given by S D Burman and lyrics by Neeraj. Shashi Kapoor was the hero and Rakhi was in a double role, one a shy mellow young woman, and the other a spontaneous extrovert.

The film was based on a novel of Gulshan Nanda, who was a very popular Hindi novelist of that time, almost all the films based on his novels were successful. The film was produced by Subodh Mukherjee and directed by Sameer Ganguly

It's the story of twin sisters - Kanchan and Kaamini,  Kaamini is an extrovert, and the ultramodern girl whom any boy may fall for whereas, on the contrary, Kanchan is a shy girl who speaks very less and is hesitant to interact with strangers. 

Shashi Kapoor, the prospective groom and his family members come to see Kanchan decide on a matrimonial alliance, Shashi Kapoor who met Kamini once misunderstood Kanchan as Kamini , he agreed to the proposal. 

When he came to know of the fact it's Kaamini whom he had met and got smitten by, he refuses to marry Kanchan. Kaamini who was earlier ready to marry Shashi Kapoor who was an army officer flees away from her house on the D-Day and it is known after some time that her car met with an accident. Though her dead body is not found, there's enough evidence that she is no more. Now to save the prestige of the family, the parents of the sisters marry Kanchan to Ajit. Though Kanchan tells this fact to Ajit in a letter prior to the marriage, Ajit remains unaware of it because that letter is not allowed to reach him. He marries Kanchan mistaking her for Kaamini and comes to know the truth on their first conjugal night. Feeling betrayed and heartbroken, he returns to the army base, leaving a weeping Kanchan behind.

One fine day Ajit ( Shashi Kapoor) was assigned the responsibility by his superior to catch some traitors spying for the enemy country. These traitors include a young female also and Ajit is shocked like anything to find that her face is the same as that of his sweetheart. Who is she - Kanchan or Kaamini ? 

Shashi Kapoor and Raakhee have done brilliantly in lead roles. Raakhee deserves special mention for her superb performance in the twin roles which are polar apart from each other.

The highlight of the film is its music The film has 7 songs,  Khilte Hain Gul Yahaan is the most popular song sung separately by both Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar for Shashi Kapoor and Raakhee respectively. Megha Chhaye Aadhi Raat (Lata singing beautifully in the classical Raag - Madhuranjani), Aaj Madhosh Hua Jaaye Re Mera Mann (Lata-Kishore), Reshmi Ujaala Hai Makhmali Andhera Hai (Asha Bhosle), Kaise Kahen Hum Pyar Ne Humko Kya Kya Khel Dikhaaye (Kishore) and the title track (O Meri Sharmilee) sung again by Kishore Da; all are quality songs 

1"Megha Chhaye Aadhi Raat"Lata Mangeshkar
2"Reshmi Ujala Hai Makhmali Andhera"Asha Bhosle
3"Aaj Madhosh Hua Jaye Re"Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar
4"Kaise Kahen Ham"Kishore Kumar
5"Khilte Hain Gul Yahan" (Male)Kishore Kumar
6"O Meri Sharmilee"Kishore Kumar
7"Khilte Hain Gul Yahan" (Female)Lata Mangeshka

Song of Sharmilee 1971

Song of Sharmilee 1971

Song of Sharmilee 1971

Song of Sharmilee 1971

Song of Sharmilee 1971

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