Sunday, 11 February 2018

Great Theme Music of Bollywood

Theme music is a piece that is often played during the introopening credits and/or ending credits.This music is a Signature Music of a Film.In the early years of radio and television, celebrities often had a signature song associated with them that became their theme music.In Bollywood the Theme Music of Sholay became very popular and still liked by today's generation.Another evergreen Theme music is from the film Karz.In this Blog I have selected some of my favorite themes.

Sholay Theme Music

                                                 Theme music from movie Karz

                                                    Black(2005) - Michelle's Theme

                                                  Silsila Santoor Theme Music

Theme from the film Sur

                               Title Music - Alap - Lata Mangeshkar - Pakeezah [1972]

Tu Chal - PINK

Shakal Introduction Theme

                                             Kalyanji Anandji - Theme From Don

                           BABU OPENING SCENE - SATTE PE SATTA (AMITABH)

Shalimar Theme Music

                                                               Lagaan l Theme

                                                              Devdas Theme

                                                  Agneepath Orignal Theme

                                           Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Theme

                                           Bollywood Jazz - Jewel Thief [1967]

                                                 Heera Panna - Theme Music


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