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Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh’s chemistry worked like magic

Jagjit Singh met the love of his life, Chitra Singh in a studio to record a jingle for an advertisement in 1967. Both of them were struggling singers. Initially, both were singing jingles together for many advertising companies, this brought closeness.
 Chitra ji was earlier married to Debo Prasad Dutta and had a daughter with him, Monica. Chitra ji decided to part ways with her former partner in 1968 and moved on to live separately with her daughter.It was in 1969 Jagjit Singh and Chitra decided to marry.

Their first Album "The Unforgettable" in 1976 made them star. The album is notable for one exceptional ghazal, Raat Bhi Neend Bhi, based on a Firaq Gorakhpuri poem. Chitra Singh did not like the initial composition. Jagjit Singh changed the tune and it became one of her most recognised solos in an album over which her husband towers with Baat Niklegi Toh Phir Door Talak Jayegi and Sarakti Jaaye Hai RukhSe.
Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh’s chemistry worked like magic and there was no looking back for the much-in-love couple. The duo recorded dozens of albums in Hindi and Punjabi and also cut devotional albums. Among their subsequent duo recordings of the 1970s were Shiv Kumar Batalvi – Birha da Sultan (1978), Live in Concert at Wembley (1979) and Come Alive (1979). Of those released in the 1980s, "The Latest" by Sudarshan Faakir was the best selling album with his lifetime hit "Woh Kagaz ki Kashti...Woh Baarish ka Paani". It was the first album by the duo with the poetry of only one Poet. Ecstasies (1984) has also been described as "one of their finest". The joint projects ceased in 1990 when their 18-year-old son, Vivek, was killed in a road accident. Chitra felt unable to sing following these events. Monica, Chitra's daughter from her first marriage, committed suicide in 2009.
Jagjit Singh.s work in film encompassed playback singing for productions such as ArthSaath Saath and Premgeet. He composed all of the songs for the latter, as well as for the TV serial Mirza Ghalib that was based on the life of the eponymous poet, Mirza Ghalib.
Chitra Singh sang in Bengali as well as for Hindi films such as Saath Saath (1982) and Arth (1982).
He toured the UK in 2011 and was due to perform with Ghulam Ali in Mumbai but suffered a brain haemorrhage on 23 September 2011. He was in a coma for over two weeks and died on 10 October at Lilavati Hospital, in Mumbai.
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