Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Ameen Sayani- The voice that Mesmerized the Nation


Ameen Sayani is one of the most imitated announcers even today. His style of addressing the crowd with "Behno Aur Bhaiyo" is still treated as an announcement with a melodious touch. He started at a time when Radio set was unaffordable to most Indians. People used to collect at Paan shops or restaurants or gather every Wednesday evening 8-9pm on the Community Radio in their little village or towns to listen Binaca Geetmala

In this blog, I am going to talk about the songs broadcasted on the first final or annual program of Binaca Geetmala. The first program of Binaca Geetmala was broadcast for the first time on 3rd December 1952.  There were 5 programs during the 5 Wednesdays and the final program was broadcast on 31st December 1952

There were 9 songs in the final program of 1952

 No. 9 - Main pagal mora manwa pagal – Film - Ashiana

                                                                                                                                                                                                       No. 8- Tasveer banata hoon teri- Film-Deewana

Song of Deewana 1952

No. 7- Dekho Jaadu bhare more nain- Film-Asmaan

Song of Aasman 1952

No. 6- Mohabbat hi na samjhe wo zalim-Film- Parchhai
Song of Parchhai 1952

No. 5- Main dil hoon ek arman bhara- Film- Anhonee
Song of Anhonee 1952

No. 4- Ye hawa ye raat ye chandani- Film Sangdil

Song of Sangdil 1952

No. 3- Dil mein chupakepyar ka- Film- Aan
Song of Aan 1952

No. 2- Aye mere dil kahi aur chal- Film-Daag

Song of Daag 1952

No. 1- Tu ganga ki mauj main- Film Baiju Bawra
Song of  Baiju Bawra 1952

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