Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Dara Singh Went to the Moon Before Neil Armstrong

On the successful launch of Chandrayan 2,reminded me of Dara Singh movie "Chand Par Chadhayee ( A Trip to Moon)" released in 1967.
You would be surprised to note that our own Dara Singh went to the moon two years before Neil Armstrong. There was one difference: Armstrong did this in real life, while Dara Singh on a 70-mm screen. In 1967,
Chand Par Chadayee (Trip to Moon) was a 1967  Hindi-language science fiction film produced and directed by T. P. Sundaram. The film stars Dara SinghAnwar Hussain, Bhagwan, G. Ratna and Padma Khanna.This film is the first science fiction of Bollywood

Trip to Moon begins on the moon, where India has set up a "camp". It's a mission to explore and learn, but the Moonlings are suspicious of these human scientists, who roam around the satellite puffing a pipe and brandishing a walking stick, unaffected by low gravity. So, as a warning, the Moonlings kidnap the scientist and send a crack team to sabotage the next Indian mission to the moon, which is Astronaut Anand's ticket off the planet.
Dara Singh, who played the role of Astronaut Anand, who with his sidekick Bhagu (Bhagwan), travels to different planets and beats up aliens, a galactic rhinoceros and becomes a heartthrob of the lovely ladies who live on the moon. Yes, there's life on the moon according to Trip to Moon, and not just that, two of them go so far as to fight for him in a contest that involves both dancing and sword fighting.

Another fantasy in the film was the aliens from other planets especially Mars. There's conspiracy shown in the film . A moonling aristocrat named Simi (Padma Khanna) is scheming with the king of Mars (Anwar Hussain), who wants the moon's princess Shimoga (G. Ratna) as his bride. Shimoga's heart, however, belongs to Anand and he loves her too. So the king of Mars doesn't really stand a chance, but he gives it his best shot by doing everything from unleashing missiles to giant robots and an alien rhinoceros at Anand.
This film is available in you tube, one can see this fantasy of the writer and director of the film.
Song of Chand Par Chadhayee 1967

Song of Chand Par Chadhayee 1967

Song of Chand Par Chadhayee 1967

Action scene of Chand Par Chadhayee 1967

Comedy scene of Chand Par Chadhayee 1967

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