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The Journey of Bollywood Through Film Posters


A Film Poster is not merely a collage of images or piece of information or any colourful design. It is the first information and a publicity tool that attracts cine-goer to watch the movie. Bollywood's film posters have a long and illustrious history, right from 7th July 1896, the first day of screening films in India till today.

 Dadasaheb Phalke promoted his film Raja Harishchandra, the first Indian film, through his hand-painted film poster. Since then technology, techniques, ideas and designs have been changing for decades. Starting from 'Raja Harishchandra', the first Indian film, to till today, the posters of Bollywood films have come a long way from broad visible brush strokes with a striking array of colours and typography to modern-day digital prints on glossy sheets.

It included the title of the film and names of the director, producer, writer and the star cast but in Limca Book of Records, the first poster is mentioned of Baburao Painter’s hand-painted poster of his film Maya Bazaar, also known as Vatsala Haran (1923),

Initially, the film posters were text-based. This included the name of the film(title) in large and bold letters, the names of Hero, Heroine, Director, Producer, date of release and cinema hall. Later in 1924, the image of the hero or heroine appeared in posters. This was designed by Painter himself, depicted the heroic and noble side of Shivaji. 

With the rise and popularity of printing technology in the country, now film posters were being printed in large scale to be distributed all over the country. These posters were seen on the walls of important streets, barbershops, restaurants, near cinema halls.

There are many persons who have a hobby of collection of film posters. Now, these rare posters are being sold. I present here a journey of Bollywood film posters decade wise. These images are available through google.


Posters of 1930s
Chandidas 1934

 Amar Jyoti (1936)

1935 film Song of Life (Bhikharan, 1935

Duniya Na Mane (The Unexpected) (1937)


1940s Posters
Aurat 1940

Bandhan 1940


Lagan (1941)




Tansen 1943

Rattan 1944

Anmol Ghadi 1946

Barsat 1949

1950s Posters
Samadhi 1950
Do_Bigha_Zamin 1953


1960s Posters
Mughal e Azam 1960 poster
Guide 1965 Poster

1970s Posters


1980s Posters
Qurban 1980
Maine_Pyar_Kiya 1989

1990s Posters
Dilwale_Dulhania_Le_Jayenge 1995 poster

Hum_Aapke_Dil_Mein_Rehte_Hain 1999

2000s Posters
Lagaan 2001 poster

Dhoom 2 (2006)

Dabang 2010  poster

Dangal  2016 poster

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